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The Electoral College drama has ended and Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. Turns out it was much ado about nothing, as there were few surprises. Now it’s on to the implementation of his agenda, and whether his actions will match his campaign and post-election rhetoric.


Front and center of his agenda items will, or should be what brought him to the dance in the first place. I’m speaking of course of illegal immigration. He must build the wall, which he says construction will commence in March, 2017. The other issue will be to begin deportation of illegals.


Although he will get pushback over construction of the wall, it won’t be nearly as virulent as the deportation issue. After all, we get can’t really put a face to the wall, which liberal groups will surely do regarding deportation. The Trump administration had better be prepared for a fight, as cities and states across the country are already preparing what they are calling, “Immigration Defense Funds.”


Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as the States of California and New York intend to flood these “funds” with tens of millions of dollars – money which none of them have.


The Buffalo News writes  that, “The Cuomo administration described the new fund as a first-in-the-nation program to provide emergency legal representation to immigrants – regardless of whether the person is in the country illegally or not. It will be run through the state’s Office for New Americans in partnership with some colleges, law firms and advocacy groups.” Office for New Americans? Really. I have friends in New York and they’ll be thrilled to know that their tax money is being spent in such a responsible and legal manner.


Leftist hack Governor Cuomo has yet to announce how much this folly will cost but it’s likely to be north of $10 million. Others though, have begun to assign a dollar figure to their illegal projects.


Thus far Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has received approval of $1.3 million for his city’s defense fund. Recall on CBS’s 60 minutes that Emmanuel defiantly stated that, “Chicago has in the past been a sanctuary city. … It always will be a sanctuary city.”


This is the same city that is up to its neck in debt, yet they can funnel over a million dollars (so far) to protect illegal aliens. Chicago is currently running a $137.6 million budget shortfall. And that is above and beyond the $18.6 billion owed to the municipal workers fund and the $15.2 billion owed to the three other retirement accounts combined.


Los Angeles elected officials said Monday they are working with private foundations to set up a $10 million fund, while some California state lawmakers have proposed spending tens of millions of dollars to provide lawyers to immigrants facing deportation,” reports ABC News.


That’s great news for illegals. Not being citizens, I suppose they don’t have to concern themselves with the city of Los Angeles’s current budget shortfall of $170 million, and their pension liability, estimated to be $35 billion.


The city of San Francisco, like the others has a massive operating deficit and debt, but has added another $1.5 million to fund already setup.


At a recent Chicago city council meeting Nicholas Sposato said: “I’m not a hater,” but at “Any given day, 1,000 homeless veterans are out there. What are we doing for them?”


Nothing Nicholas – absolutely nothing. They are too busy further bankrupting their cities and States in an effort to cultivate the next potential block of democrat voters.


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