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Ever since I built a conservative news aggregator, I’ve become cognizant of trends in headlines from both the left and the right. By the nature of my daily trek through a thousand or so stories, I see certain words and phrases consistently repeating. Since shortly after Donald Trump won the election, there has been a sharp rise in the frequency of liberal “trigger” phrases to rile up the lamenting leftists.


It’s not new. Sites like Salon and HuffPo have mastered the art of properly phrasing their headlines to maximize contact with the liberal funny bone. What I’ve seen increase is the use of this technique across most left-leaning sites including mainstream media. They, too, have always used them, but it was subtle. Since the election it has become blatant.


Most are familiar with the basic triggers like “fascist” or “Bush-era.” The spike in triggers isn’t just an increase in the tried and true phrases. They’re inventing new ones, bring back old ones, and repeating them all as often as possible.


Here are some of the words and phrases to watch for that are intended to get a liberal audience’s ire up.

  • “Disproportionately impact [insert race, income level, or liberal victim group of the day]” – Every action by Republicans apparently impacts leftist target groups more than others. Every proposal by Trump will allegedly do so much damage to this protected group or that race that it’s possible they could all be wiped out before the end of his first term. Of course, you’ll never hear them mention that abortion has a disproportionate impact on minorities or anything of that nature.
  • “Right wing” – If you’ve been reading the news for a while, you’re probably thinking that this has been around for decades. Actually, it had fallen from grace as a leftist media “go-to” phrase until after the election. Lately, it has resurfaced and is becoming more popular every day.
  • “White nationalist” – This, too has been around for a while and was very popular during the election cycle, but now that it’s been repurposed in the minds of their readers, they’ve taken it up a notch. It’s the new way of saying “racist,” so they throw it around as freely as possible.
  • “Federalism” – This will die down again very soon since they couldn’t effectively co-opt the word to change the results of the electoral college, but for a time it was suddenly very popular with Democrats. Naturally, they abandoned the concepts of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon’s small-government new Federalism and focuses solely on points made in The Federalist #68 to coax electors to not vote for Trump. This one is particularly annoying to me as a proud member of the Federalist Party. Thankfully, we probably won’t be hearing much about it from liberals for a long time.
  • “Tyranny” – If there’s a single word used by liberal media that makes me furious, it’s discussing the tyranny of this politician or that policy. We are coming to the end of the most tyrannical American Presidency in history. For them to use the word now when they were silent about it for eight years is sickening.
  • “[insert conservative principle] is obsolete” – They really caught hold of something with the narrative that the electoral college is obsolete. It wasn’t just the specific Constitutional concept that struck a nerve. They realized that they could start labeling nearly every strategy, policy, or principle that conservatives hold dear as obsolete and their followers would applaud. Again, this isn’t new; traditional marriage and biological genders are two examples of things made obsolete in the Obama era. However, they now realize they can apply the word to nearly anything on the right and make it stick.
  • “Necessary/needed diversity” – This is their favorite two-edged sword. On one side, it can be used to promote their agenda, such as “University adds necessary diversity to its curriculum with Income Equality 101 class.” On the other side, they can use it to cut conservatives. For example, “GOP majority eliminates much-needed diversity by voting to keep Christmas tree in capitol building.”

These seven examples are the tip of the iceberg. Now that the left is wounded, they’re fighting back with their two favorite tools: indoctrination and propaganda. It’s up to patriotic Americans to call out their Alinskyite tactics whenever we see them. If we don’t, we’re going to have a harder time making the changes necessary for America to get back on its feet again in the post-Obama years.


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