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Slow but sure, the Southern border wall is being built. If this is how president Trump has to get it done, so be it, and I guess we should be thankful.

We should be thankful that there is finally someone at the top who does give a crap and someone who is determined to keep his campaign pledge – not just drop it because it’s just “too hard,” or he might waste some important “political capital.”

And please stop with the mocking refrains about Mexico paying for the wall. Like that’s of paramount importance. If it eventually happens – great. Otherwise Trump’s exclamation should be taken as it was intended – a purposely hyperbolic negotiating tactic.

We should be thankful that we have a president who has not given up on the project, despite opposition from both sides. He is also fighting the derelict Washington mindset that dictates if something isn’t “comprehensive,” it should not even be considered. If “comprehensive” border legislation can’t be passed, nothing should be. That’s not defeatist at all.

As a real estate guy, Trump knows that sometimes you have to just take what you can get and build one building at a time – or one stretch of wall at a time.

In April, construction of a new wall section started, which will span about 20 miles of the Mexico/New Mexico border, just west of the El Paso Texas area, and will range between 18 and 30 ft high. Yep – it’s only 20 miles, but it’s 20 miles more than we’ve gotten under anyone else.

The new wall section has a few improvements over its old counterparts.

First, it’s an actual wall, not just a dilapidated fence or some posts dug into the ground to prevent vehicles from crossing, but not people. It is constructed of close-fitted vertical posts, allowing border agents to see through, but has a 5 ft high flat and smooth steel plate at the very top to prevent climbing over, and is sunk into several feet of concrete. Old designs were merely driven into the dirt and were easy to tunnel under.

Of course not everyone is thrilled, such as the Mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo. The press couldn’t wait to remind us that he is a Republican.

He’s no Republican I would ever support. The Mayor, who favors Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz, says that anti-illegal immigrant and border wall “rhetoric has been more harmful than helpful.” He adds that, “You cannot tell the difference between where El Paso ends and Mexico begins. We’re really one community and have been for over 400 years.” Apparently, this is not a problem.

Well Mr. Mayor, you two-faced fool – that’s been the problem since December 29, 1845, when Texas became a State. You can’t have a nation without clearly defined borders and the wall would also help the Mayor’s obvious topographic deficiency by showing him, “where Mexico ends and El Paso begins.”

Just this past Friday, June 1st, construction of yet another section of border wall began. This time in San Diego. It is of the same design as the New Mexico wall, complete with 5 ft high, steel anti-climbing plate. This section is to be approximately 14 miles in length.

Again – we’ll take what we can get.

“The San Diego Sector wall construction is one of Border Patrol’s top priority projects,” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statement said. “Not only does it significantly upgrade our existing infrastructure in San Diego, it also marks the third concurrent wall project in the U.S. and reflects CBP’s unwavering commitment to secure our borders and protect our Nation.”

I find myself doing this a lot lately, but once again I’d like to thank president Trump for sticking to his guns and not giving up on this issue.

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