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Democrats only profit as takers stealing from makers. 

Why are Democrats for high taxes?  Why do they say “tax cuts must be paid for?”  Because Democrats believe that is how you make money by taking it from someone else.  Why do they support illegals taking jobs and benefits from Americans without paying taxes?  Because Democrats believe they have a right to steal.  Democrats are the party of thieves which is why they always smear anything Republicans do.

They have been this way from the beginning of America when they supported making the President an all-powerful King and keeping their slaves.

They have been in a rage against Republicans ever since we took their slaves away manufacturing lies, empowering street thugs, electing lying thugs, and importing foreigners illegally in their efforts to get them back.

“He who does not teach his son a trade, teaches him to steal.” – Rabbi Yehuda

Democrats do not believe businesses make money by producing products and selling them.

They believe they are taking money from the poor.  That’s how they justify stealing from them.  When Obama said, “You didn’t build that (business), somebody else made that happen,” he wasn’t talking about government providing land and roads and educated workers and protection services for them.

Those things come from people’s taxes and people only have the money to pay those taxes because they work for and receive salaries from those businesses.

Only a liberal idiot like Obama, who doesn’t understand how business works, wouldn’t understand that.  Democrats think business only grows because government allows them to and they must pay for the privilege.  This isn’t government protection of a free people works.  This is how thugs profit off of working people by making businesses pay for protection from them!

That’s why Democrats want to import illegal cheap labor to replace expensive citizens and supplant their vote.

The governor of California and the mayors of these sanctuary cities and states shouldn’t be sued by the federal government.  They should be in jail and prosecuted for violating American law and the rights of all American citizens.  What they are doing isn’t a misdemeanor breaking the rules like speeding, but a felony high crime against all of the people by stealing citizen’s rights and making citizens slaves to the government.

Session’s punitive measures do not cut the mustard.

These people believe they have a right to break the law and slapping their wrists will not suffice in making them comply.  They need to be put in prison for their crimes!

Oakland’s mayor warned illegal felons to escape ICE raids putting American law enforcement troops in danger.  Radical leftist Governor Brown spat on Sessions with the ludicrous obfuscation that Trump is trying to “bully” California by “creating turmoil to divide America.”  These fascists scream fascism and they cannot be permitted to profit by their lies.  Their empowerment of criminals by calling cops racist pigs is the propaganda of criminals.  Half of their fanatic supporters do so while denying this is what Democrats are doing.

We all know what happens to the boy who cries ‘wolf.’  Do you know how to respond when it’s the wolf who cries ‘wolf?’

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