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Insanity: An irrational state of mind.  Liberalism is a cancer that eats away at the rational mind causing good sense to fail to develop.  Education is the cure.

At what point will the vast majority of people recognize that Democrats, the party of leftist liberal fascism, are insane people?

They keep doing the same dumb things over and over expecting a different result.  They keep on blaming others for the problems they create for themselves.  They keep rejecting all other facts to cling to the ones that fit their beliefs.  And they keep trying to twist reality into their own version.

  • The NRA is arming mass shooters.
  • Republicans steal from the poor.
  • Tax cuts are harmful.
  • Islam is a religion of peace.
  • Drugged up deadbeats are America’s most needy.
  • Importing cheap labor to replace Americans is beneficial.
  • Foreign ideology imposed on Americans is enlightenment.
  • Republicans export jobs to avoid high wages, not Democrat taxes.
  • Glorifying criminals as victims of society is compassionate.
  • Slandering police as racist pigs is righteousness.
  • Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election.

The definition of liberal that JFK uses applies to 18th classical liberalism that today is called Christian conservatism.  The definition of liberalism in the 21st century is social liberalism better known as Communist Fascism.  Classical liberalism is if founded in the cultural enlightenment of the Right based on Christian morals working with technological advancement through liberty.  Social liberalism is founded in the totalitarian dictatorship of the Left in which the elites rule over the ignorant masses through force and deception.  They believe that allowing teachers to bear arms would be insane.

What is insane is allowing liberals to bear arms.

In America 98% of mass shootings take place in the gun free zones that Democrats created to make free fire zones for terrorists, criminals, and psychotics.  Democrats say the police are all we need for protection because they are trained.  As for the deputy who stood outside the school while the shooting took place there is no excuse except cowardice and proof that the government cannot protect people, but mostly are just there to clean up the mess.  Just because someone becomes an officer or a soldier doesn’t automatically make them courageous.  Police are expected to act as safely as possible because we want them to be able to go home to their families, too.  They are instructed to always wait for backup and not go into dangerous situations alone.  But there are cases such as this in which immediate action was necessary to save people’s lives and that is when that badge is a requirement to put one’s own life at risk.  You don’t take up a gun and expect that you will always be safe.  There was no one between that shooter and defenseless teens.  This officer had a choice between keeping himself safe to get to his retirement or putting his life on the line to save some of these kids who had their entire lives ahead of them.  Members of the U.S. military, soldiers, police, firefighters, and rescue personnel all know that their jobs are inherently dangerous, that they take that risk to help others.  We try to live by the number one rule that victims don’t help anybody, but we also know that there are times we must take greater risks and that we may lose our lives trying to help others.

Liberals do not understand this.  Instead they berate Republicans as creating the problems and declare that they cannot be criticized for their stupidity because they are being compassionate of victims.  I don’t care if you’re hurting because someone you cared about was murdered.  It is evil for people to be calling for good people to be punished because evil people murdered someone they care about.  Good people call for evil people to be punished when evil people murder someone they care about.  The good people of the NRA are not the ones committing murder, but taking a stand against murderers.  Evil people are the murderers and it is evil to use them as an excuse to attack good people.

Ignorant liberals who don’t know what is happening in the world think mass shootings only happen in America.  They haven’t the first clue what Moslems are doing in Europe with mass murders, rape gangs, and jihadi attacks.  If you tell them you are met with cries of racism and 1st Amendment violations as if Islam is a religion rather than a death cult whose political ideology is the subjugation of all others under the iron boot of Islamo-Nazis.  Why are leftist globalists importing Islamists into the Christian West?  Because they believe they can promote it to their anti-Christian socialists as the best socialist system in the world in which all the people are under their control.  Young, ignorant liberals believe socialism is beneficial rather than the genocidal ideology of slavery it has been throughout history.  Theirs is a sickness for which there is no cure except education and growing up.  Other than that there is only the hope that they rise out of their irrational hate.

Democrats or Republicans, only one is the party of lies, slavery, and death

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