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All hailed the end of apartheid with a thunderous roar. Hurray. South Africa today, many years later, is a nation at the brink of one of the biggest disasters in modern day history. As leftists continue to hail the South African government and the “reforms” that government is taking to ……. you know make Blacks dominant in everything in an African nation . Makes sense right?

White South Africans who had lived in South Africa for generations claimed apartheid was a working system and that South Africans were incapable of governing themselves and inherently violent. No one believed that bullshit for a second. It was a brutal system at least by Western standards and, you know ….  we are the world.

One disparity that existed in apartheid and still exists today in South Africa is that Whites own most of the land there. How can anyone think that is just? How does the minority control anything in any country. Well it certainly doesn’t seem very fair does it?

As it turns out all of us in the West who encouraged Black South Africans to take over South Africa were dead wrong about just about everything. So let’s take each issue one at a time and see the results shall we? We Americans are a results driven society.

  1. Violence: One might think that once Blacks got to rule South Africa they would have accomplished their goals and, well moved on. The sky would open and rainbows would appear and Black Africans would show the world what they were truly capable of. That isn’t exactly what happened. It wasn’t enough to take control of the country they had to make Whites pay. Now bear in mind not a single White majority country in the world has offered to take White South Africans into their countries. The killing rampages have increased instead of decreased and this isn’t simple murder but rape, torture and humiliation. In this category the White South Africans turned out to be correct. So correct in fact that songs about murdering Whites are sung in public by their leaders to the tune of “kill them all.” Let’s not make excuses here these are inherently violent people and you can find such people all over Africa. To commit such acts upon anyone is so immoral and vicious and retching that we might as well let everyone out of prison because they all had bad childhoods if we are going to accept this behavior as justifiable payback.
  2. Governance: Many in South Africa, Black and White believe that government worked much better under apartheid rule. Roads and services worked better as did policing and other services you and I take for granted. Surely for a time of transition one might expect things to be a bit chaotic but that time came and went years ago. Most believe the South African government is unusually corrupt and unusually ineffective.
  3. White Land Ownership: As with apartheid Whites continue to own most of the land in South Africa. The reason they own most of the land is because they are South Africa’s farmers. Farms take up a lot more room that a house and it take thousands of aches just to feed one city. There is a serious shortage of food throughout Africa by and large because Africans aren’t very good farmers. In fact they suck at farming. Take Zimbabwe as the perfect example of why you don’t take White farmers lands away and give them to Africans. Zimbabwe tried that with disastrous results and are now begging White farmers to return. After the violence White people took in Zimbabwe just like in South Africa and then being thrown off their lands without any compensation at all, I would have let them starve to death.

Yes I would have let them starve to death in Zimbabwe just like I believe the South Africans will starve to death when they finish brutally murdering the White people and taking their lands. There is something wrong with Africa and it isn’t Whites that made it wrong. Whatever hint of modern civilization that currently exists in Africa is the result of the presence of White people. Much of it is still more backwards than Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ.

What if White people had just left Africa alone? Most of the continent would likely be as they were before the White man arrived; constant tribal warfare, slavery and starvation with little or no progress and certainly not the kind of progress you see in places like Nigeria. In fact places that “suffered” under colonialism do far better today than countries that do not ask any Kenyan. In fact ask former president Obama’s brother who lives in Kenya. He said that he wished Kenya had been colonized.

The main reason South Africa should be allowed to kill itself through starvation and corruption is that any attempt to relieve their situation would only enable the government corruption and the abhorrently gruesome violence. The only exception I would make to completely leaving South Africa alone is by the grace of God can some country offer to take in White refugees who have no place to escape to! Leaving them there is nothing more than sacrificing them upon the alter of political correctness.

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