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When you argue righteousness with a liberal they cannot dispute that you are right, so they resort to calling you stupid to avoid admitting they’re wrong.

Barack Obama confuses being “on the right side of history” with being right.  He thinks history is written only by the victors and the victors do only what is right.  Obviously, he’s never been on the receiving end of either a Mongol or Moslem invasion.  There is no such thing as being “on the right side of history.”  There are only the victors and the defeated.

“War doesn’t determine who’s right, only who’s left.” – Bertrand Russell

There will always be the argument between the Right and Left about who is actually on the side of right, of good, of God, and who is wrong or on the side of evil.  Leftists say the Left is right and the Right is wrong.  The Right says the Left is never right.  But how do you know which is right and which is wrong?

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” – Abraham Lincoln

The most significant difference between a conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats is epitomized by their mascots.  Conservatives always remember everything that candidates do, while liberals don’t remember anything before today and think yesterday is insignificant.  This is why the elephant and the jackass make perfect representatives of the two parties.  Conservatives remember Obama’s lies and Hillary’s corruption, while liberals don’t care what they did, only what they say they will do, and stubbornly adhere to falsehoods.

Separating truth from propaganda

If you listen to the news you are bombarded by propaganda from each side against the other.  There are people to whom they insist you should listen who present themselves as enlightened, more intelligent, more moral than the common people.  But how do you know they are right?  How do you know they are telling the truth?

You can only know what is right when you examine the facts for yourself.  I’ve taken the time to learn history in detail and learn about the candidates.  I listen to both sides make their arguments, compare their assertions, and use what I know to be true in order to make a critical analysis to come to as correct a conclusion as possible.  I do not spurn facts because they don’t fit into my preconceived notions.  I don’t shut out opinions because they disagree with my own.  I weigh all the facts and compare both sides’ opinions, separate out the lies from the truth and come to a conclusion.

Liberals never attack based on the facts, but always on the basis of lies.  They appeal to feelings rather than reason and make their arguments on the basis of compassion rather than logic.  They make false accusation and when you refute those lies they double down their attack saying that your defense is proof of guilt!  If you don’t deny it and dismiss it as a lie then that, too, is proof of your guilt!  This is the kind of insanity that poses as moral logic by the Left, which isn’t logic, it’s deception.  It is designed strictly to shut you down and make your arguments cease at which point they declare victory.  This is the insidiousness of the Left’s dishonesty and trickery.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  (It is a fact that words of wisdom have all been coined to describe the pitfalls of liberalism.)  In contrast, when they are on the receiving end they always endeavor to change the subject and turn their guilt into an accusation of the accuser.  Distract, confuse, divide and conquer.

Newt Gingrich explodes on Megyn Kelly

Opposing points of view over the Kelly:Gingrich dust up

To the Left, Newt was angrily defensive because Megyn’s declaration that Trump is a sexual predator holds the truth.

To the Right, Newt’s righteous wrath at the false accusation was justified.

The facts are what bear out which side is right and which is wrong.  Trump has never been accused of being anything other than a perfect gentleman in over thirty years in the public eye.  The women who accused Trump after the 2nd debate when the leftwing media set him up have all been proven to be false.  While Bill Clinton has been accused multiple times by multiple women over the years and all have been squashed by his wife.  This is how the innocent are framed as guilty by leftists.

Hillary CRS when it comes to her corruption changes the subject

This is how I know I am on the side of right and how I recognize those who twist the facts and distort the truth in order to sway opinion.  When Hillary Clinton began her career being fired from the Watergate Commission for ethics violations, and ended it by lying about the terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Stevens, I know corruption when I see it.  Add in her secret server and foundation money laundering of funds from foreign powers to sell her influence in government hoping to enrich herself, and her smears of Trump as a racist sexual predator, who has always been acclaimed as the perfect gentleman, then the picture is complete that her corruption goes to the soul.

People are easily influenced by singular events rather than weighing each event appropriately to its importance.  Many people make decisions based on irrelevant facts, and some are easily swayed by one opinion or another and easily vacillate back and forth.  But there are inescapable truths regardless of how often politicians try to change their stories or the media tries to cover up their corruption or twist the facts to fit their narrative and condemnations.

Hillary or Trump – 100% wrong or 50% right

Despite how much people detest Trump’s style or try to paint him as a racist or a liberal, his record speaks better than those who spin a tale of Trump.  He has been in the public eye for over forty years and has never been labelled a racist until he began his campaign as a Republican.  Democrats advocate for blacks to have abortions, kill each other off through inner city crime, do drugs, and subsist on government welfare rather than become educated and get better jobs.  They say that Republicans are the racist oppressors who would deny blacks opportunities, and then say Trump is a racist because he is against their agenda of making blacks and illegals welfare voter slaves.  They call him xenophobe because he would close our borders to those who steal into the country to take jobs and pay no taxes, and keep out those who would come to America to commit acts of terrorism and try to enforce their ideology of Sharia on America.  Trump may be just the kind of president this country needs right now to stop its decline (50%), or he may be blocked by Washington elites (25%), or he may become Washington elite (25%).

Hillary, on the other hand, is a Washington elitist who has a long, inglorious record of lying and corruption that the media is attempting to obscure.  She had a private server for her emails that she wanted to keep secret from the public, that she wiped when it was subpoenaed, and then got on TV and mocked the public asking, “You mean wipe it with a cloth?”  Is she a senile old b*tch or a contemptuous, deceiving elitist?  She released tax records for this year that were designed for public consumption while keeping the Clinton Foundation records, where she gets 90% of her income, were kept secret.  Then she calls for Trump to release all of his tax records so the leftwingnut media can smear him as a “tax evader” like they did Mitt Romney.

She and Obama advocate for Black Lives Matter to terrorize American cities and have their Democrat governors and mayors keep their police on a leash and let their cities burn.  Hillary wants to continue to tax corporations out of America, blame Republicans for wanting “cheap labor,” and then import cheap labor into America for companies that support Democrats.  Clinton says she wants to continue the Obama Doctrine of importing “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants and Moslem “refugees,” into America and give them citizen’s rights to vote and benefits from taxpayers, and endorses them pushing Sharia law on the American people.  She calls Trump a xenophobic racist hater for denying them free entry into America.  Then she says our immigration system that allows over a million foreigners to immigrate to America legally is broken.

What is broken is Democrats who vote for her to take their jobs and leave them subsisting on her good graces.  What is broken is Democrats who believe Obama and Hillary are making America a better place by tearing it down.  What is broken is Democrats who believe socialism is beneficial and capitalism is greed when history proves that the opposites are true.  What is broken is a Democrat voter who votes from ignorance for immorality and elects dependency rather than opportunity.  What is broken is a Democrat voter who thinks government will bring them prosperity.  What is broken are people who think they are on the side of right when they choose all that is morally wrong and then wonder why they keep getting the same result.  Democrats say they are American, but they are leftists who endorse, support, and ally with fascists, communists, and jihadis around the world who would destroy Americanism.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be pushing socialism, foreigners, and Sharia down American’s throats to overthrow our Constitution.  America is a nation of citizens.  Immigrants do not make America stronger when they want to tear down America.

Refugees aren’t saviors

Maybe this is the End Times and the Bible did predict the corruption and fall of modern civilization.  Certainly the killing of over 50,000,000 babies in the womb could count as the greatest offering of human sacrifice to Satan in the history of the world.  Why would God want to save such a people who are no better than 20th century socialists who slaughtered hundreds of millions of people post birth?  One thing is certain, if America stays on course with the Democrats as they rerun the 1930s, there will be Hell to pay!

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