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“This is a far more mysterious world than we think it is,” wrote Robert Louis Stevenson in his travel diary.

Ancient Israel is a land of many secrets! Whispered there are ancient and modern secrets every day and night. And now, it strikes even Vigileaks as curious, that the momentous time has come to openly proclaim Israel’s greatest secret…

Even Exxon Mobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, nominated by Donald Trump for Secretary of State, is unprepared to deal with this. If it is not fake news that this oil CEO has ties to Putin and criticized economic sanctions against Russia, what are the implications for US/Russian/Israeli relations, once this secret is revealed?

What is this leak from Vigileaks? It is an oil leak. Why is it revealed now? In the hope that Israel’s nationalists will first find the solution for their own dynamic benefit!

Israel’s greatest secret is a very detailed story. For the sake of brevity only the main points will now be told:

In Netanya, in the 1980s on a Thursday at 8 a.m., the president of Netanya Oil Exploration Limited (NOEL), Canadian Lyle Harron, met with a Rockefeller representative. The latter offered Harron the lease for drilling oil off the Netanya shore and Harron accepted…

Harron immediately extracted a unique instrument developed by his partner, Sam Yeske. Yeske and his invention were credited with the first oil discovery in Leduc, Alberta. Harron went right to work.

Years later, Harron shared with Vigileaks just before his death, “We used Sam’s invention over every known and suspected oil site in Israel. It worked every time.” And then Harron went on to say how he never told his good friend, Kaye Corbett of the Toronto Star, the real secret of this invention…

And now to get to the point. Millions of dollars of investment money into NOEL were being lost. International TV broadcaster Jarl Jensen, recently out of the New Age and a new Christian convert, thought he knew why. Following his intuition, he went to Harron’s home and politely requested to investigate the instrument.

Lyle showed Jarl downstairs and showed him the instrument Yeske used for the Leduc oil discovery. Jarl reported it resembled a fishing rod with something like a tuna fish can at the end of the line. “May I test it?” asked the former New Age practitioner. Harron acquiesced.

To Jensen, the invention was associative of a divining rod, but unlike any he’d seen. “In the name of Jesus, if this instrument is not of God, show yourself!” The instrument then flew all over the room! It was completely demon controlled! After the wild display, Harron was shocked. They went back upstairs…

“How do I tell the investors?” he asked Jarl. Harron was shocked and had been an unwitting dupe in the supernatural world. For years, he merely thought the instrument was used in the detection of hydrocarbons. As it turned out, everything remained a secret with him, even among his best friends.

And why is this Israel’s greatest secret? Because every known and suspected oil site in Israel, had been demonically divined by Harron and, in the process, the spiritual and supernatural ownership of the sites went to the demonic world…

Only a competent Christian specialist is able to wrest all this ownership away from demonic authority. The acts of Divination must be totally rescinded and the oil rights to Israel freely and permanently restored.
Not only must Secretary of State Tillerman break all known and suspected occult ties with Exxon, to be effective with Israeli oil – to keep matters from getting worse – but a competent Christian with Scriptural authority, like Jarl Jensen who was a former New Age practitioner, must rebuke and break the bonds these demons now have over Israeli oil.

To think the world’s greatest technologies, alone, can free up Israeli oil, is a powerful delusion! As any brilliant statistics professor from Yale will tell you, some of the most effective answers are simplistic ones. It would seem the finding of one with Scriptural authority to break these chains would be simple. Let the search begin….

Vigileaks personally knew Lyle Harron, President of NOEL (Netanya Oil Exploration Limited) who was a professional colleague and personal friend of Andy SoRelle and Gilman Hill.


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