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If you, or I, or anyone that you know had to be questioned upon a matter (and/or an event e.g., a conversation) which took place several moments ago, in which a number of people were present, and/or had some involvement, each of us – if questioned – would render an account of the event. Now if each of us were as careful as we could be to relate the facts of the event – as it transpired – it would be likely that there would be a considerable agreement regarding what are the facts, but the words with which the facts were described would very likely vary, and vary quite a bit…

Now if those doing the questioning recorded the responses of each of those they questioned, and later – even minutes later – were to re-question the same individuals, the answers which those questioned may render would very likely vary from their answers rendered but moments ago. And, if the questioners informed the individuals questioned of the answers which the questioned interlocutors had reported, such information may lead to an altered account of the particular event, by each individual questioned. Thus, in several iterations of questioning regarding a single event, or happenstance, the answers an individual renders may vary quite a bit, from their initial response.

If the questioners are U. S. Federal Government Agents – who have recorded all the answers which were rendered by those questioned – the agents may judge that the disparity in the answers is a result of lying, because the answers submitted in each occasion – though materially, and logically the same – utilize different syntax. Lying to Federal Agents is deemed a crime, and though – in a trial, with Lawyer in tow – the individual charged with lying needs the financial resources to fight the charge, and the indictment – to the uninformed/misinformed – is damning (presupposed is the honesty/integrity of Federal Agencies, and Agents; what integrity can attend to a Government which promotes abortion, as a good?); it may be that associates may seek to avoid the accused company; if one is a business person this could irreparably harm one’s reputation and one’s business…

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Now, why would the Government care to indict an individual for altering the sentence structure through which the individual describes an event, when materially (logically) the sentences convey the same information? Answer: Generally, the Government wouldn’t care what words were to utilized to express the same information which had been conveyed with other words on a previous occasion. So what could/would cause the Government investigators to care for explicit repetition of one’s testimony? Answer: If the Investigators could criminalize a low-level person actions, whereby they are rendered coercible (i.e., able to be manipulated into claiming – asserting/testifying – what the Government Agents want the individual to say/testify/assert), then they – the Government Agents –  may be able to establish a prosecutable case (based upon the coerced testimony of a number of coerced individuals false claims; claims the individuals swear are truthful – lest they go to jail for misquoting themselves…) against an individual which the Federal Investigators want to bring charges…

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Now, why would the Government of the United States want to bring a false case against anyone? Answer: Governments, Government Agencies, and Government Agents possessed of integrity do not, (Note: philologically the word integrity means: “To walk with God;” yet God doesn’t countenance abortion; moreover, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet the Government of the United States celebrates Abortion and sodomy as goods… Integrity – to most elected officials, and bureaucracies of Government – is meaningless, or understood as promoting the agenda’s of the wicked, which are thought to be good…), but the Government of the United States – and its agents – subscribe to a view-of-the-world which is in contradiction to the Truth.

And thus, Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn was indicted and prosecuted for not repeating his statements exactly as he uttered them as he was discussing matters he knew were being recorded. It was thought that his indictment would be overturned by US District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, but Flynn insists that he lied to investigators… Why? Because Robert Mueller will prosecute Flynn’s son Michael Flynn Jr. for a similar “process crime” i.e., misquoting himself. So Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn pleads guilty to a non-crime crime (The real criminal activity  – ontologically i.e., in God’s Court – is coercing low-level people to lie…; thus, Mueller actions are criminal, but not in the unjust parasitic system which gradually supplanted the Government the Founders bequeathed), to prevent his son from suffering that fate. And Flynn – and others – are coercible tools through which Mueller hopes to fashion a crime against POTUS Trump; if hard evidence isn’t available, the story which Mueller pieces together – with coercion – (it is hoped by all of the Trump haters) – can be used by the Press, Hollywood, and Democrat and never Trump Republican politicians and pundits, to end Trump’s presidency at the 2020 ballot-box; this, since impeachment would back-fire on those which went after Trump…

Why would impeaching POTUS Trump be a bad thing for Trump opponents?  While the House Democrats may indict (i.e., officially claim POTUS Trump is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors) Trump, POTUS Trump will have attorneys arguing on his behalf; in discovery, and in the subsequent trial – if it ever went to trial in the Senate – those which have tormented POTUS Trump with lies, half-truths, and innuendoes would find themselves on the defensive; as the Democrats founds themselves on the receiving end – during questioning of Colonel Oliver North – during the Iran-Contra Affair investigation… North so embarrassed the Senate that they went into private session… Placing POTUS Trump on trial would open the eyes of so many, many ignorant and partisan idiots (including a bunch of dung-headed Press persons); so much so, that Trump would not only be exonerated but additionally, so many who have knowingly subverted the truth may (and certainly should) find themselves prosecuted by a Justice Department finally responsive to a re-invigorated POTUS Trump (As they say “If you go after the King, you had better kill him…”)…

As Trump, and his Administration, has been harassed with false allegations, and innuendoes of guilt-by-casual-associations (seemingly for the purpose of removing him from office, or damaging his ability to conduct the business of the POTUS) – which an impeachment trial would demonstrate; such smacks of subverting the Will-of-the-American-people, subverting Justice, and primarily subverting the U.S. Constitution. Such is the definition of treason, and treason – at last view – may be punished by the death penalty…

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