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The Democrat agenda is clear to all:

  • Democrats want high carbon taxes like France
  • Democrats want an open border to import Latino-communists and Islamo-Nazis
  • Democrats want Republican conservatism to be outlawed

They are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get the power to impose their agenda.  They use the same brainwashing techniques as Goebbels to indoctrinate the ignorant into their ideology of Trump hate.  They invoke the name of Christ even as they condemn Christians as Nazis.  They cry their Latino invaders, waving the flags of their communist countries while burning American flags are “refugees like Jesus.”  They say Trump “lies” when he says illegal aliens commit twice as many crimes as citizens because they conflate them with legal immigrants who only commit half as many crimes as citizens.  They say that America is guilty of sins deserving of the terror attacks by jihadis.  Polls show that 80% of these invaders endorse overthrowing the Constitution and imposing socialism and Sharia Law on the USA even as Democrats declare these people just want to become Americans and live free.  Living free off of taxpayers as parasites is what they are doing with the help of Democrats!  How stupid are they and how stupid do they believe Americans to be that they think we cannot see through them?  Apparently, they are justified when 40% of people actually believe Russia hacked the election.  But 40% of people know the truth, while 20% are confused and responsible for being the Democrat’s dupes.

Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

America is burned out on Democrat’s Trump hate and constant spewing of bile and venom at the man who is making America a better place than Democrats ever could.  We are so sick and tired of hearing the slanders by lying Democrats creating their false premises that Trump and his supporters are lying racist Nazi xenophobes and horrible human beings.  A truly horrible human being is one who lies to your face and then stabs you in the back, e.g. Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.  Obama and his Democrats shoved the ObamaCare taxes down American’s throats to put their boots on the throat of the economy and declared themselves to be helping the poor who cannot afford healthcare.  Premiums doubled while most of the poor remained outside the system.

As Trump makes the economy boom with low taxes, while vowing to stop invaders from entering our country to steal from us, he is demonized for it by the left.  Democrats are persecuting good people with the aid of their RINO buddies.  They violate the Constitution with impunity.  The question is why are they being allowed to do so?  As the party of racism and hate, Democrats can take their condemnations and false accusations and shove them all where the sun don’t shine!  At this point, this author would support President Trump shutting down the government for the next two years!  Democrats will do nothing while in control of the House except obstruct him from making America greater and persecute everyone involved in that effort.

Leftist media poison

British “journalist” Shaun Ley asked Time magazine’s London bureau chief:

“How much longer will the American people produce loyalty — or some section of the people — towards this president?  How much longer can you suffer the ignominy of a man like him so much in disgrace by his own words!  You can’t go on feeling loyalty towards your chief executive much longer when he’s under such accusations.”

How much longer must the American people endure these hate-filled, leftist, control freaks slandering our president with their constant, incessant, 24/7/365 poison tongues?  The only reason Trump is under any investigations at all is because leftists create fictions by which to prosecute him.  Their false accusations based on their false premises wrapped in their false conceptions carry no weight with patriots, which is why they demonize them as well.  As far as America-loving patriots are concerned they can swallow the sh*t they spew from their mouths with their hateful lies and two-faced rhetoric!

Obama’s America

While 75% of Republicans are proud to be Americans, only 1/3rd of Democrats are proud to be Americans.  The righteous have always been proud of their country, but not always proud of their countrymen.  Republicans lost all respect for Democrats when they elected a Moslem socialist wannabe dictator to be the leader of the free world.  This goes hand-in-hand with the corruption of the UN whose majority of members now consists of dictator states, which explains why they endorse socialist dictatorships and Islamic terrorism.  Obama used his power to inflict massive damage on the world by funding the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State.  He funded overthrows of good governments around the world and now the Islamo-Nazis are invading Europe and Latino-communists are invading the USA all claiming to be refugees from his wars.  Democrats were only proud of America, not when it stood against socialism, but when it was submitting to it.

Why is Mueller still operating?  Why is he and his pack of angry Democrats not in prison for their persecutions they’ve been committing for TWO YEARS!?!  Why are Obama and Hillary, Reid and Pelosi and Schumer, and all their lunatic Democrats not in prison for inciting riots and murders for the last FOUR YEARS!?!  Why are Latino-communists, Islamo-Nazis, and liberal fascists being allowed to drive the media, our schools, and our nation down the road to hell with their propaganda?  WHY is President Trump not taking strident action against their tyranny?  To keep from being labeled a tyrant by the leftist media?  Since when is justice tyrannical?  The only people that think justice is tyrannical are criminals!

Americanism vs. leftism is all founded in ignorance and immorality.  In the 21st century, Americanism and leftism are called conservatism and liberalism.  They are founded in:

  • Liberalism that is born of ignorance and bred on lies.
  • Conservatism that is born of morality and bred on education.
  • Moderates are moral youths in a transition from ignorant liberalism to learned conservatism.

America was founded by liberals of the day fighting to liberate the nation from the tyranny of a conservative king who wanted to conserve his power.  Today it is Christians fighting to conserve the greatness of American liberty against socialists who want to liberate criminals from the law.  This is why some are confused of whether it is right or wrong to be liberal or conservative.  Conservatism today is Americanism, slandered by the left as Nazi racism, while liberalism today is socialism – the ideology of Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Muhammad.  The lack of a moral compass and education is why young liberals believe that socialism is benevolent and somehow the teachings of Jesus, who they also paint as a Nazi, are evil.  This twisted comprehension of history is why young people are so completely duped by socialists.

Liberal Values Ruining TV/Movies: Rewriting History in new “Robin Hood” Movie

Trump’s America

America has been through years of abuse and lying leftist hype from declaring Obama to be a Christian American when he is obviously a Moslem socialist to today declaring Trump rather than Obama is an incarnation of Hitlerian demagoguery.  We’ve had it!  We’re ready for the military to take out everyone on the left from Mexican drug lords and Latino-communists invading our country to Islamo-nazis and liberal-fascists attempting to inflict their own laws over us.  We are ready for President Trump to pull the plug on the Mueller farce, blow socialist climate change to hell and gone, and prosecute every Democrat who has said that Republicans are racist and illegal aliens should be given rights.

Mr. President, push the button, detonate the nukes, declassify the FISA warrants and Mueller frauds, open investigations on Hillary and Obama and Co., release the Kraken, and let the wrath of God descend upon the pagans of the left!  Democrats will send $10B of taxpayer money to Central America sh*tholes as blood money supposedly for their dictators to stop sending their invaders, which they will never do, rather than invest $5B on a wall to stop the invasion.  Democrats want those invaders!

President Trump should shut down the government for the next two years to stop them!  Use executive orders to build the wall and institute extreme voter ID to stop the Democrat voter fraud.  Everyone knows that Democrats are already filling out fraudulent ballots for 2020 and stuffing them away in trunks of car and broom closets awaiting the next election.  America needs federal law when it comes to elections to stop Democrat from giving the votes to criminals and invaders.  Republicans got rid of many of their RINOs this last election.  Now it’s time to turn the tables of the voter fraud of Democrats who hold the majority of seats in the House due to their frauds when only 20% of the population supports their open border agenda.

If action is not taken to stop the invaders and leftist voter fraud, then America will not survive if left to the squishy Republicans who believe they can work with Democrats.  Democrats are proving they have no desire to make America great for the people.  They want to be the overlords ruling over their subjects.  They have wanted this since the Founding when they wanted the president to be a king and refused to join the American nation unless slavery were invoked in the Constitution.  America fought a war and bled to overthrow this.  Now the Republicans that freed the slaves are smeared as racists because they moved to the South to escape northern Democrats who have corrupted the North and the west coasts.  Those states have become sanctuaries to the dregs of imported humanity and they would impose their values on the rest of this great nation.

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