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If you were on Mars and observing the last year on planet earth one would wonder how the United States survived this far.  And I am sure that CLEO has a migraine  headache, and plans to get her on personal crack dealer. The complete and utter lack of responsibility and as someone said the suspension of your brain to comprehend the goings  on of  what now pretends itself to be the United States government.

To see the Establishment on both sides of the isle that have gone off the rails and finds itself less desirable than vomit. The self serving , condescending, know it all mentality, that propose to know it all ,then at the same time claim to be a dumb as a box of rocks! The fact that Hillary Clinton was smart enough to be Secretary of State of the United States, but not smart enough to discern and or comprehend that she was passing and or receiving Classified documents, this is now the woman running for a promotion to President of the United States. Meanwhile she is held up ,not unlike her former boss President Obama, as the smartest people in the room; oceans rise and fall at their command, and plants animals and other lowly humans prostrate themselves before them.

The face that President Obama, would hire someone that is dumber than the people she  supervised and lacked even the minimal knowledge to handle classified information. Then on the turn of a dime knew what emails to have someone other than  herself scrub  off the servers, and had servers hidden in the bathroom, set up by someone that was not qualified to read the news paper, but had actually been Bubba’s server that she jumped on to use for convenience.

Then GOP sensing the end of their control, and exposure of their lies to the voters and that they actually have walked hand in hand with the democrats, and that the elites have viewed the U.S. voters as a meal ticket, and incapable of keeping up with all the crooked, lowlife, backroom dealing with lobbyist, that signs to Capitol Hill should read America on the auction block!

Lady Justice, which is suppose to be blind and equal for all, has become so compromised that even the highest court in the land SCOTUS is even vulnerable and the blind fold is off and the scales are surely favoring one side. Then the incredulous political circus that was the hearing on capitol hill of the FBI director. How one can add in things and take out things, in favor of 1 person, that (no matter the denial from the FBI director), no other citizen , nor public servant would be afforded! One can only wince at the Stupidity of the Congress and Senate that it took this hearing, and the FBI director to tell them that Clinton had lied to them. Lacking in credibility  is the fact that these now hard hitting, fact finding house members have been the rocket fuel that has kept this mind boggling boondoggle that is the Obama regime going. Everything funded to the hilt and then some extra, and now these same people are about to have their butts handed to them on a plate by the Trump Train, now want to appear as concerned and hard working! The damming truth is that had they been doing proper oversight of the State Department, and used their Constitutional powers the conversation today would have been avoided and unnecessary!

Furthermore, this lack of oversight was intentional and derelict in nature as Congress and Senate had no intentions of taking on Obama or the Clinton crime family, as they would have been put through a meat grinder, and thrown to the pigs. Their political futures and keeping their forever jobs was far more important than standing on principal and doing the right thing.  Having seen the consequences of taking on Obama and the Clinton’s, that range from being called names, not getting favored post on committees, to having every inch of your life and your families life being investigated and a spot light shown on your every move, to actually ending up dead.

And President Trumps arrival on the scene has caused them to go  home to the neighbor and borrow a pair and take positions that are uncomfortable. And the biggest revelation of all is that fact that they really care more about everyone that is not an American citizen, and the disdain, and gall they feel for the people to dare question their motives and their laws and their rules , which as we see by this latest skate job by the Hilda Beast that they do not apply to the rich and powerful. And everything must bow at the ALTAR OF ISLAM, and Refugees, and Illegal Immigrants.

The third world banana republic that now is the United States, is screaming HELP , where is the Trump Train?  Yup the goddess of history CLEO sure has her work cut out for her to try and put a positive spin on this chapter in history.

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