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In an EPIC MELTDOWN, leftwingnut’s reveal who they are in public view – the Hitler youth bred by democratic socialism.

  • To hell with Democracy!”
  • “2, 4, 6, 8, America was never great!”
  • “We reject the president elect!”
  • “Not my president!”

These are the chants of leftists marching in our streets rioting, attacking white people, and smashing cars, etc.  Remember when 70 million Americans stupidly elected a pathological lying narcissist of no accomplishment besides winning popularity contests to be President of the United States and Leader of the Free World?  A man of no talent aside from reading well from a teleprompter who declared that he would make America great for the first time in its history, who would share wealth with all, end racism, lower the seas, and heal the planet?  They elected a Moslem socialist who despises America, white people, and Christians to lead the nation while at war with his beloved Islam.

Remember when Republicans marched in the streets chanting how they wanted him to die?  Yes, we who have functioning brains remember the former very well, and our dysfunctional counterparts remember the latter.  Democrats are as upset as the rest of America about the direction in which the country is headed, but as the dysfunctionally insane they keep voting for the same people who are doing all this damage and expecting a different result.

Some ask if the Left will begin a bitter war against Trump from Day 1 of his presidency.  More like from Day -70!  The Left has already launched their campaign of terrorism and propaganda wars against Trump from the moment he won the election.  If you think victory means anything to the Left then you have been living in fantasy land.  This is why the war with evil is never-ending because they will never give up and never rest.  They just regroup, recruit more ignorant fools, and counter-attack.

Leftist propaganda has ruined America and the American Dream for the young.  Rather than teaching them to be responsible for themselves, get an education, get a job, and work their way up, they teach them that they are owed a good living by those who came before them who did so.  They teach our youth that Republicans are amiable dunces but Democrats are the smartest people in the world.  Television shows, movies, books, classrooms, and newscasts all promote this fallacy either directly, overtly, or through subliminal messages to warp the thinking of the young.

The Left smeared Bush mercilessly, and he foolishly let their slanders ride until people were fooled into electing Democrats rather than electing better Republicans, and they went on to ruin the country by congressional fiat and presidential tyranny.  Now their offspring riot in the streets and demand the government be overthrown because they’re being told to get to work and watching their entitlements be taken away.  The truth is on display for the nation to see that it is the Left who are the Nazis that would impose a fascist dictatorship on the nation.  This is why the 15th Amendment was the greatest mistake made by Republicans in the nation’s history.  Democracies fail and become dictatorships because the greedy Left want what others have earned and are willing to steal it by hook or by crook.

This is the kind of crap that needs to be shut down and shut down hard!  Letting these heathens “vent their frustration” by rioting is not the solution.  These Democrat mayors who allow the barbarians to destroy people’s property should have to pay for it out of their own pockets.  They should not receive one penny from the federal government to cover the costs of the destruction they allow.  These are not citizens demanding justice, but criminals terrorizing the citizens.  This is why democracies fail, because self-centered, self-righteous parasites demand entitlements rather than opportunity to work.  This is the proof that Democrat campaigns saying they want equality for all are lies and misdirection.  They do not want equal opportunity, but equal outcomes that only come by stealing from those who work for a living and giving to those who vote for a living.

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