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Early after Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic candidate for President, Barack Hussein Obama praised her as “the most qualified person ever to run for president!” After much consideration I must admit to something I never thought I would have to say. I …agree… with Obama! Ugh! You have no idea how hard that was to write! Especially from someone who recently wrote a piece describing Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt candidate ever to run for office! My only solace and hopeful redemption in the eyes of those who know me is this. I don’t think I mean quite the same thing as Obama means by those words. But then again, he just might mean the same thing as I do.

Hillary is indeed the most qualified person for the office Obama now occupies. That is, if one means she is the most qualified to continue and expand upon all the failed socialist policies which the presidency of the last eight years has supported and created. She is by far the most qualified to expand upon the funding of Planned Parenthood and its destruction of our future generations. Oh, and something else to consider is this. By expanding funding for PP, she will automatically be expanding an organization that targets minority neighborhoods with proportionally greater abortions by far in minority populations than others. If you think this is accidental, you should read up on Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Be assured there is more to write about that subject in another piece soon to come.

Hillary Clinton is indeed the most qualified person to expand upon the monstrosity that is Obamacare and further attempt exert government control over every meaningful aspect of our lives. As an added sterling qualification, in large part due to such health care imperialism, Hillary is certainly going to expand our debt to further astronomical levels just as Obama has been doing with the presidency the past eight years.

Hillary is the most qualified by far to continue the Obama “executive order” shuffle to avoid having to actually obey the Constitution and thereby implement progressively greater socialism upon us. In fact, she has specifically voiced her desires to do so on many occasions.

Hillary is also exquisitely qualified to even surpass Obama in two areas. The Obama’s are not paupers by any means. However compared to the Clinton’s in wealth, they are middle class at best. Hillary and Bill will most certainly enrich their coffers exponentially if they possibly can should she become president. Finally, Hillary is definitely the most qualified to continue and surpass Obama in the area of avoidance of the law and the Constitution. She has demonstrated that qualification in abundance particularly since a night in Benghazi on September 12, 2011.

I must say I have to agree with Obama on this one. Hillary Clinton just may be the most qualified candidate ever to run for president. That is, the kind of presidency that Obama wishes to continue.
As for me and my house, and I pray my nation as well, that is not the kind of presidency I will allow myself to favor with my vote. What say all of you?


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