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It has been 48 hours since Donald J. Trump was anointed the title “President Elect” in what is being called an “upset” victory that pretty much justified every single criticism we have had about about the mainstream media and their attempts to prop up the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

However, in that 48 hours, we haven’t heard the term “Wikileaks” or “e-mails” or “Clinton Foundation,” at least not to the extent that we heard them prior to the election. The terms seem to have evaporated. It’s almost as if we were referring to weather conditions during a football game – now that the game is over, who cares what the weather is like? The closest we’ve come is the irony in Hillary sending Doug Podesta, whose very e-mails helped to sink her presidential bid, to confront the masses on Election Night and tell her loyal followers to go home. You can bet the conversation was something like, “You lost this for me, get out there. I’m going to bed.”

But the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the looming specter of a Hillary Clinton indictment. Losing the election didn’t magically make all those transgressions disappear. We aren’t going to simply forget how it is possible that classified information is in the hands of our enemies. We aren’t going to forget how money for a charity somehow bought a $20,000 wedding dress. And after all this digging and forensic work, no one accidentally forgot to delete a yoga e-mail?

So we are now faced with the question:  Will President Barack Obama cut Trump’s legs out from under him and pardon Hillary for all possible crimes in the name of “healing?” It’s early still and a lot can happen between now and January 2017.

However, I say, “Pardon away.”

I am literally daring Barack Obama to pardon Hillary.

It would be the gigantic period at the end of a legacy that was lousy with failure.

Pardoning Hillary at the zero hour would basically be the validation that every Republican who feared a Clinton presidency would need. A pardon in their eyes (and history’s) would be essentially a de facto guilty verdict. Why else would she need a pardon? Wasn’t she the innocent victim of the “vast right-wing conspiracy?”

It would also absolve any guilt from anyone who voted for Trump as the “lesser of two evils.” Those people could say, “Whew. I didn’t cast a vote for a criminal who was just let off the hook by a spiteful president who’s about to watch every unconstitutional part of his legacy get unraveled.” Those voters could now exhale and know they made a sound and just decision. Further, they’d have all the ammunition that they would need when confronted with the “How could vote for a sexist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, racist like Trump?”

The answer would be, “Because the other candidate just got pardoned for crimes against the state.”

The rumored replacement for Loretta Lynch if former New York Mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani, also a former prosecutor, differed with FBI Director James Comey’s assertion that there was no intent to mishandle classified information (ASIDE: I’ve always asked isn’t the mere purchase of the server “intent?”) going so far as to laundry list at least ten separate charges he could levy at Clinton. Comey claimed no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges; however, Giuliani made his bones prosecuting the mafia. This is not someone who takes their job lightly.

Giuliani has been talking about the case since July and has been essentially laid out what he would do as the prosecutor. He doesn’t sound like he has a lot of trepidation about moving forward.

Go ahead and pardon Hillary. Seriously, I hope it happens. Barack Obama will have validated every single voice that chanted “Lock Her Up” at every Trump rally for 18 months. In the book “Shadow” by Bob Woodward, when President Gerald Ford left the White House in 1977, he privately justified his pardon of Richard Nixon by carrying in his wallet a portion of the text of Burdick v. United States, a 1915 U.S. Supreme Court decision which suggested that a pardon carried an imputation of guilt and that acceptance carried a imputation of confession (Wikipedia).

Obama’s signature will etch her guilt in stone for all eternity and we can finally be done with the Clintons once and for all.


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