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The tirades against Trump did not stop when he won the election. They continue with a vitriol hardly ever witnessed before. Why? Is it really because of his personality or lack of political experience? No. (Obama had none and still has none!).

I have written for my own website for over twenty years, and for two decades in print before that. All publishers receive nasty letters and complaints. Along with so many other web providers and editors I am now used to getting these poison-pen notes.

What this daily interaction with vitriol has shown me is this – when readers send generic complaints (code for calling someone silly names), it is because the writer wishes to convey his or her ire. But, there is never a real reason to hold to their nasty thoughts. They are just angry that someone didn’t agree with them. I usually ask the writers to give me specific examples of my supposed failure in this or that… but they come back with even more generic angry venom. Those who have a genuine reason to write, however, are specific. They quote back to me something I have written, and so I can respond. These deserve a reply, because they are actual critics. The rest I can’t be bothered with.

In the case of Trump, I see post-election what I have been seeing pre-election. And it isn’t good. Obama brought in the ‘change’ he promised, but not in the way the USA expected. Rather, he brought in fully-fledged Marxism, the Americanised socialism that older America always tried to keep out. Not because it’s different, but because it doesn’t work and ruins a country. This explains why most who voted for Trump were of this kind – older, white. The other sub-set liberals quoted was that they were mainly lacking in college degrees. SO WHAT?

What these voters had was wisdom. In my written transactions with many Americans, in other columns, I read a wide array of criticisms of the growing socialism being force-fed to the USA. Younger people growing up with it think it is wonderful, but they are unaware they are being manipulated. Older Americans know this and voted against it. And it is THIS that is drawing the ire of liberals today: but nothing genuine or specific. The only error they have managed to point to is his stupid locker-room chat, which is as nothing compared to the gross evils of Obama and Clinton.

Look, for example, at the way Trump is being called a ‘xenophobe’. These shrill screamers just don’t cut it, because they are being vague, giving out insults rather than actual details… but it is quoted by younger liberals who have been brainwashed into thinking socialism is great. If they could have asked Russians after the revolution if they wanted socialism, they would have been puzzled, because the Russians were petrified of socialism. It turned out that only a very few at the top benefitted from socialism, the elite, who received many prizes from Lenin and, later Stalin. The rest simply starved. And those with intelligence were brutally killed or sent to gulags.

Obama has steadily tried to kill-off the intelligentsia, via talk of homophobia and Islamophobia, and controlling research so it becomes useless and unscientiific. Any criticism at all made the critic unemployed, hated, and generally victimised. In Britain, people are now used to it – except for the older ones (many of whom have higher degrees, by the way). This tactic is excellent because it shuts people up, a mix of Marxism and fascism. Islam doesn’t care if people hate it, or disagree, so long as they keep it to themselves and shut up! This has been Obama’s mission, and was soon to have been Clinton’s, whose rule would have been even worse than Obama’s.

So, what we are seeing is a grave disappointment in those who wanted a global rule, a one world government based solely on socialism. This is why kids in school are favoured targets for liberals, Islamists, homosexuals, and Greens. None of them have anything worthwhile to offer. But, they have plenty of generic insults and fairy-tale claims!

The wonderful thing about being generic is that you don’t have to explain yourself, or give specific answers. It’s the way of the mob. Push the liberals who cried over Clinton’s amazing loss, to explain why they say Trump is a ‘xenophobe’, and you’ll find what they really mean is he has a sound reason to ban Muslims from the USA until they have been properly checked out! Of course, they won’t talk in that way because it shows just how stupid they are – anyone with an ounce of sense will do the same. Germany is now trying to go backwards because of the mess it has created by allowing in millions of Muslims. And one German city is even going to build a wall between German and Muslim sectors! Hungary has already built a border fence, and one will soon be built, albeit a short length, in Calais. (It might now be scrapped because the Calais camp has been destroyed). Are all these people stupid, too? No, they are resorting to a way of protecting themselves.

When we have totalitarians (fascists or Marxists, it doesn’t matter – they are just two sides of socialism) forcing their regimes down our throats, with penalties, and teach our kids to be good little brown-shirts, we have a younger set growing up believing socialism is wonderful. It took Russia seventy years to discover it was wrong. Now, Trump has severed the link, broken the thread so cleverly and brutally spun by Obama, Clinton, and their minions who voted for socialism without ever understanding what it really means. Only the older folks understood and voted against them, with or without college degrees!

As an observer, I sincerely hope Trump does NOT take up Clinton’s offer of her ‘services’. I am sure the families of Benghazi victims would wholeheartedly agree. Clinton is still a liar, a deceiver, a killer of Americans and a fraudster. She is also a foul socialist and socialism kills more people than Benghazi-style murders. She must be consigned to a dumpster, if not sent to prison. It is this reality that pro-Clinton’s do not seem to grasp.

I recently said to my own website readers that when some in the USA voted for Clinton, it proved to the rest of the world what the voters’ own characters were like. They wanted corruption and vile actions to continue and wanted to impose it on all of America, and then the world. But, they have been stomped on by older voters who recognize the danger of retaining a socialist mindset and the totalitarianism it creates – good only for tin-pot Hitlers.

I hope Trump will now continue to show his distance from big government and its communistic ideals leading to deep corruption. We need to see him reversing the poisonous food of homosexual depravity, the unscientific claims of environmentalism, the murderous aims of Islam and the general ruin brought about by liberals. All of these hate Christians, though genuine Christianity does not harm a soul, but gives strength, truth and social harmony. What is needed, then, is an abandonment of PC and an embracing of truth and market-place trading of ideas.

It is not Trump who divided the USA – but Obama and Clinton, who raised wicked lifestyles to the throne, though they are ruinous. Trump, if true to his word, will heal those divides so deliberately manufactured by socialism. When Obama spoke after the votes of healing the nation, he is being an hypocrite. It has been his aim, as an anti-colonialist and Marxist, to splinter America. This is what communism does, to enable rulers to rule with an iron fist, and to get rid of the single most hated enemy of communism – Christian beliefs and actions. Obama got away with it, and Clinton hoped to fix the USA in quick-drying socialist cement. But, the thread has been broken, and Trump needs to make sure it stays that way, if only to halt globalism for a short while, giving us a respite from totalitarianism.


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