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Sometimes it’s a good idea to press a button when we want to know what we are up against. We troubleshoot lots of problems that way, including coffee makers and computers. Occasionally by trial and error, other times by established troubleshooting techniques we discover our premises, assumptions were all wrong. President Trump pressed the NFL owner button the other day, discovered the assumption “We’re all Americans” was disappointingly flawed, quite erroneous.

Maybe he knew deep down what the eruption of the Left would look like when he pressed the “SOB” button. Or perhaps he was just plain curious what would happen if he pressed another button, over there. We can only speculate if he knew how Speaker Ryan or Senate Minority Leader Schumer would react. What is becoming clear with the passage of time is a majority of regular NFL game consumers expect players and coaches to respect our flag, to stand in honor of the singing or playing of our national anthem. Football audiences by booing and tuning out revealed they object to the politicization of our flag and national anthem.

Republics uniquely settle differences through elections and legislation enacted by elected representatives. So it’s terribly ironic the Left insists a right exists to protest against elections and legislation by casting aside their representatives, the very individuals we designated in absentia to settle our differences for us. Democracies are tailored for protests, riots, for mob rule, for the squeaky wheel to get the oil. That’s why on the streets of our republic during the last primary cycle in Cleveland it was highly revolting for Americans to hear DNC marchers chant, “This is what democracy looks like.” Either they were delusional. Or they were defiantly in rebellion against our republic.

Through countless deliberations and decisions of our forefathers we in absentia signed onto a social contract to abide by the laws of our republic, a contract that especially precludes protests against the flag “…and the republic for which it stands.” For the NFL protests are actually against the Republic, not simply against a fluttering piece of fabric that is meaningless without the Republic that stands tall behind it.

Few will question a far left ideology has found itself at home in the Democratic Party. In fact, many will argue little voice is allowed from members more to the middle and right of the party. This explains the rise of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren coinciding with a waning influence of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Except for an excessive number of super delegates gifted to Clinton while Sanders won primary after primary during the last election cycle, Sanders would have had a real shot at the nomination. As it was he was tolerated by the DNC, perhaps to make it look like Hillary had bested a strong opponent, to give her a momentum advantage as her campaign ramped up for the general election.

More difficult for some to acknowledge is the Democratic Party also has an extreme right wing founded soon after the Civil War. Having never in their history given up control of any movement or identity grouping, they did not stop with the KKK. White supremacy was the birth child of Margaret Sanger. She remains an iconic fixture in the Democratic Party, popularly known for her founding of Planned Parenthood that has demonstrably succeeded more to suppress the Black vote in America than any number of Klansmen could ever hope to achieve today, never came close to achieving in the past.

Of note in the KKK’s more recent past is David Duke, who for a short moment of time attempted to pass himself off as a Republican. He was not welcomed and soon gave up on attempts to hold office as a Republican. Now he is aligned with Richard Spencer’s creation: the Alt-Right.

Richard Spencer claims the notoriety of inventing the term Alt-Right, seems to have backed up the assertion both with his first website in 2010, registered and with a sister site registered early this year: This is the same Richard Spencer who showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia this last Summer to lead a “scandalous” candle light parade in defense of Confederate era monuments and statues.

Spencer’s views align quite nicely with Margaret Sanger’s but more notably with a writer he applauds as having the most influence on his life, who is also, he claims, his favorite author: Alexander Dugin. Some statements attributed to Dugin, “I can’t defend the concept of the nation, because the idea of the nation is a bourgeois concept.” “which was responsible for the creation of the nation.” “We must attack capitalism as the absolute enemy which was responsible for the creation of the nation….” It’s quoted, “Dugin called for the genocide of all white Ukrainians in 2014.” The Alt-Right vilifying white people in Ukraine doesn’t make sense of Spencer’s alignment with the KKK unless it’s understood Spencer and Dugin are at heart Marxists.

When one considers a free Ukraine at that time was under attack by Putin’s Russia, an invasion commonly reported as an uprising of Ukrainian rebels, in fact clandestinely staffed by plain clothes Russian soldiers; it’s clear Dugin was all for the Communist Putin against capitalist Ukraine.

Spencer is likewise clearly of the Left, though currently he is posing as his invention of what he wants the Right to be known as by painstakingly, deliberately whitewashing the Right (conservatives) with his and the DNC’s Alt-Right (KKK, white supremacists) brush. Then there is Jason Kessler: the Obama campaigner, Occupy Wall Street participant (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) who organized Unite the Right in Charlottesville VA. He likely invited David Duke and Richard Spencer to Charlottesville the weekend of the protests this past August.

Unless, that is, the invites for Antifa, the KKK, and the Alt-Right all came from the DNC so as to coordinate their arrivals on the same buses at the same moment in time and space. (Possibly so they could play act their wrasslin’ match strokes and feints on the buses beforehand, so as not to actually kill each other on the streets during the staged protests.) Kessler is a Charlottesville resident. He was needed by the DNC to put a local face, not an outsider’s face, on the protest. Otherwise we would have never heard of him because he would have clearly remained the Leftist he always was and remains, to this day.

Then let us not forget the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian wings of the Democratic Party. We were immediately aware at the outset of the Obama presidency the Global Community Organizer in Chief had “This is what democracy looks like” designs on the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood individual closest to the reigns of power in the Obama administration was Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton in the Department of State. Together they contributed to the destabilization and regime change of Egypt and Libya. Clinton’s and Abedin’s locus of Muslim Brotherhood power was counter balanced by the President and his closest adviser, (who has since moved into Obama’s Washington, DC home.)

The faces of the Iranian wing of the Democratic Party for the past eight years were President Obama and his Top Adviser: Valerie Jarrett. Together they consistently, persistently did all they could to assure Iran would eventually attain nuclear weapons and delivery superiority in the Middle East, including the inexplicable gift to Iran of $150 billion dollars with which they are free to fund any Utopian caliphate dreams and wishes that might occur to them.

Finally we must take into account Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani wing of the Democratic Party. Just like Obama and Jarrett might have thought they were in control of the Iranian wing of the Democratic Party, it’s likely Schultz thought she was in control of her Pakistani wing. But events of the past few months suggest otherwise. Perhaps Iran granted Obama and Jarrett a little or a lot of respect. Schultz, as it turned out, received “no respect” at all. She was played “fast and furious” by her Pakistani counterparts. Imran Awan before fleeing the country proved his disdain for Schultz by leaving her incriminating laptop in plain sight for Capitol Police, along with a note designating how its contents might be used against her.

Oh, the tangled web the deceitful unintentionally lay for themselves while playing all sides, all ends against the middle. Liberty is the middle of the fray; is not an outlier, is not an aberration, is certainly not an errant, fleeting whim of an extremist fringe group. The DNC’s vain attempt to replace liberty with conformity; to accuse liberty of privilege, racism, sexism, and discrimination has likely run its course.

Finally the Democratic Party is seen for what it truly is: all wings, no body; all identity politics, no heart; and all “It Takes a Village,” no soul.

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