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What is it Liberals and all other Socialists or Communists secretly know that so fuels their smirk?

  • They know we are all just flesh and bone.

  • They know there is no spirit within each of us.

  • They know there is no God.

Why? Below is what they are trained in, educated in, and believe in.

Their brand of Socialist Liberalism, is based on something called Dialectical Materialism.

Materialism: Material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values.

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This then excludes such items as MORALS or ETHICS and denies MIND or SPIRIT or SOUL!

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Dialectical: a way to arrive at a truth using logical arguments.

But Dialectical changed into:

The idea that the birth of ideas occurs because an idea gives rise to its opposite. And, because of this conflict between two ideas, a third idea arises.

Okay. Stop laughing. They believe this trash.

Then it changed again.

But here now we usher in our everyday, common, or garden variety German Revolutionist who went by the name of Karl Marx and who trotted around Planet Earth between 1818 and 1883 and was then kaput.

Good ole Karl changed this further and it became: All ideas are the result of TWO FORCES in conflict. And there’s your Materialism added in. The FORCES.

There then came more ideas from this conflict of two forces. Some are:

If all is FORCE and as IDEAS come only from two FORCES in conflict it follows that MAN has never had an ORIGINAL IDEA. Just don’t tell our Founders this.

But in English: There is no Author for this Universe. No God eh?!

Therefore, religion is for idiots, the uninformed, the backward, and of course…the birds.

In my book Once-Other I destroy the idea that FORCE is all.

Why would Communists and Socialist work to destroy a belief in God, or a Creator, and the spiritual nature of man.

Because it’s okay to herd and kill animals—within an Organized Community.

Already, Liberals see unborn children in the USA as animals, not people. And that tends to rapidly transition to everyday folk. The elderly will be next.

And once the idea of a Creator or God is dead?

Well, our Constitution and Rights are God-given—and those Rights will vanish once it’s proven that there is no God to have given them to us in the first place. Hmm?

Now that’s the Liberal Smirk in full bloom!

And WHO exactly do we have to thank for all these Liberal/Communist thingies?

Well, mostly the ideas for this ‘wisdom’ came from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels—yes, Google these guys.

Later, Joseph Stalin wrote the ultimate text of what is known and practiced today as Communist Socialism.

You remember all those old Stalin/Russian jokes, right? “Tell my Karloff, which limbs froze and dropped off while frolicking in Siberia during your Stalin sponsored vacation?

Any other great Leaders out there who embraced these Socialism thingies? Yes.

There is Moa Zedong, now deceased Dictator of the People’s Republic of China, who’s rumored to have tallied between 70 and 150 million dead Chinese men, women, and children.

Oh? Which US Liberal recently told us how much she ADMIRED Brother Moa?

And, of course, Josef Stalin as the dictator of Soviet Russia had similar numbers of dead.

Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany preferred National Socialism as opposed to Communist Socialism. Adolf also has his tally of millions of dead that he will have to account for.

Then there’s Fidel Castro of Cuba.

The Apartheid government of South Africa was National Socialism. Their current one is Communist Socialism.

The only real differences between National and Communist Socialism is National takes root at the National/Federal level within a country while Communist Socialism is organized at the Community level.

Do we have both happening here in USA today? Organized DC? Organized Communities? Sanctuary States?

Our USA based Liberal-Progressive-Communist’s weapons come from Saul Alinsky.

Here’s one of them:

Liberals speak in generalized terms. I.E. No Names, no Dates, no Locations, etc.

The quickest way to defeat their generalized lying is to ask for the information that backs up what they are saying.

Demand a URL, a website, book, government, or other report.

But most of all: Turn to the Constitution of these United States of America.

Liberals will never give you any info but will change the subject, and/or lie.

Keep demanding info.

Examples of their generalities:

People are disgusted with you.”

Whites are racist.”

Minorities have been denied their rights.”

Most people favor abortion.”

All States are pro-gay marriage.”

Gays are denied their Rights.”

The 1 percent.”

The 99 percent.”

The have-nots.”

The Wealthy.”

The Rich.”

Minorities are denied equal opportunity.”

For Liberals, there are no Individuals!

One deals with this by asking pointed questions.

Let’s take: “Minorities are denied equal opportunity.”


“Give me the name, first and last, of the minority who was denied equal opportunity?”


“Give me the name, first and last, of the person who denied a minority equal opportunity?”

“Where did this happen? No. The actual address.”

“When did it happen? No. The actual day, month and time of day?”

“What equal opportunity was denied?”

“What was done to deny equal opportunity?”

Expect ridicule, redirection off subject, attack, and of course…the Smirk.

The real tragedy with all Liberals-Communists-Progressives-Community-Organizers is their belief that Change comes from out of Chaos ONLY.

Oh, how they plan and work to create Chaos. That’s nothing other than old Marxist Communism as used across Earth to topple Governments by making a Country UNGOVERNABLE. Hmm?

But! They underestimate We the People!

Just note the 2016 election.

But we cannot sit back and smile.

They intend making the Electoral College work for them. DACA?!

We can win.

First, stand behind our current President 100%.

But it’s been proven; our Constitution can be corrupted.

We the People need a more powerful weapon and that’s written up in my book Once-Other.


CLICK for Once-Other – available at all online stores

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Lawrence Nysschens

Lawrence M. Nysschens: Lawrence emigrated legally to the USA in 1989. Due to the expansion of Socialism (Liberalism) in the USA he now writes fiction that integrates practical political solutions to be done by the People. Lawrence senses we are on the brink of Taxation without Representation and that those addicted to Big Government are the problem. His novels that address this say so up front. Once-Other is the first one.


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