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While previous employees have come out to tell the world that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook had in place a combination of algorithms that withheld, or blocked Conservative news for more Centralist, and Liberal news and points of view.

One only needs to be a stronghold Conservative to see that many items one placed on the Newsfeed, either never made it there, or were quickly removed for Liberal ads that were pushed at you constantly. This from an avid Facebook user for several years. I found instances that naked sexual pictures were left on after being reported because they “did not break” Facebook’s Code of Conduct, but Conservative groups were begging for members to share stories, or even add them back on Facebook. Either there is one huge coincidence or something more nefarious was occurring. Let’s face it, Zuckerberg is liberal, and it seems at least slimy, if not outright control of newsfeeds!!!

Even today, days after the report, Facebook is in the enviable position of being worth a mere 350 billion dollars. Not bad for a Liberal biased social media. With the call for investigation within the walls of Facebook and the distrust of Facebook newsfeed, Mark has called for a type of roundtable, bringing several known and well-known Conservatives together to discuss.

12 “conservative thought leaders” will join the meeting with Zuckerberg on Wednesday, a Facebook spokesman said. Among the invitees are media personality Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Dana Perino and Zac Moffatt, co-founder of Targeted Victory, a technology company that aims to bring transparency to media buying.

Facebook came under fire last week when an unnamed former employee told technology news website Gizmodo that workers often omitted conservative political stories from the company’s “trending” list of topics.

Zuckerberg said Facebook has “found no evidence that this report is true,” but would continue to investigate. A U.S. Senate committee has also opened an inquiry into Facebook’s practices.

Mark ZuckerbergIf true, then the social giant has a lot to lose when it comes to being a leader in today’s news gathering by millennials and the generation of always on the go Americans. On Friday, Facebook outlined its “Trending Topics” guidelines in its media relations section and stated that reviewers are neither allowed nor advised to discriminate against sources.

Facebook, now valued at around $350 billion, has become a bigger source of news for its more than 1 billion daily active users. Sixty-three percent of users, or 41 percent of all U.S. adults, say they get news from the site, according to a study last year by the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation.

Let me be clear, that if you want to be a leader, only take a lesson from Fox News Network, and showing unfiltered biased for one political leaning or one candidate can cost you dearly on your audience. Fox, viewership, Facebook readership, both being hurt by such high visual discussions of biased news!! Americans want the news unfiltered, unbiased, and truthful. They want to be able to discuss both for and against issues along with others that concern them, and Facebook, by limiting the open sharing is also controlling the use and evident happiness of its followers. We live in a time where there is no loyalty to a specific brand, and Facebook is in need of a quick turnaround and forgotten displeasure in its biased newsfeeds.

You may send comments supposedly directly to Zuckerberg on facebook, or let your comments concerning such a travesty on your newsfeed. Hopefully, many millions will allow Mark the opportunity to realize his error, and change the way they do newsfeeds.

And further news with Facebook, several new concepts and additions were introduced by Zuckerberg on April 12 in the Philippines at the Annual F8 conference.

A big upgrade is coming to Facebook’s Messenger app, initially launched in 2014 and then followed by a slew of updates. Brands will now be able to develop chat bots within the Messenger app to aid with follower interaction.

These chatbots would allow users to interact with a brand or service. For example, users can take advantage of a CNN chat bot to get an overview of the world’s latest news.

By interacting with these bots, users will also be able to order from businesses. No more having to pick up the phone to place an order; it can all be done with one tap of a finger.

The Facebook team has quite a treat in store for those who love using Facebook Live: developers will soon be able to stream Live videos using non-smartphone devices and other apps.

So soon that Rappler, during its f8 viewing party in partnership with Facebook and Kickstart in Manila on April 13, used a multi-camera setup on Facebook Live.

And Similar to Quote and Pin It, Another treat Facebook has for its users is the ability to quote lines and save data (links, photos, and the like) from outside a Facebook page.

For users who have taken a liking to the new save-for-later feature, this will allow them to save articles and photos and place them into Facebook’s saved items page from a number of outside sites.

So are you a facebook social bee? What will be next, no more Conservative information replaced by liberal thinking new additions, while Liberal news and Groups get front seats?


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