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The Fair Tax Act is a bill in Congress that will cause the Economy to go up over 8%. It causes the Unemployment rate to fall below 4% and wages go up above $12.00/hr, Everybody will get Gross pay on their paychecks instead of net pay. Consumer prices will drop 12% and you will get $100.00 a month from the Government. It all begins with getting rid of Income Tax by repealing the 16th Amendment and replacing it with a 23% Federal Retail Sales Tax. Note it does not tax Used goods.

Here is how it works, first we must elect Senators and Congressmen who promise to cosponsor The Fair Tax, then they vote in favor of it and the President signs it and then it goes to all the States for to vote on it and at least 2/3 must vote in favor. Then the IRS is toast and Americans are much happier.

When the word gets out that there is a income tax free Country then all the money held off shore to avoid income tax comes home to roost. That money goes to work creating businesses that need to hire employees so the Unemployment rate falls. Then the employees get gross pay on their paychecks plus an extra hundred dollars a month from Uncle Sam. That alone is a win fall but wait there is more.  Currently, manufacturers add 35% to the cost of their product to cover income taxes to be paid to Uncle Sam as does the distributor, wholesaler and retailer and you pay 35% more for your items, the fact that under The Fair Tax Act companies do not need to pay income tax they can withdraw the 35% they added before thus dropping the price 35% and then adding the 23% sales tax there results in a 12% drop in prices.

If you like the fact that the Fair Tax Act benefits you personally then you should only vote for the Candidate who will cosponsor the Fair Tax Act.


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