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I’m sure many of you wonder how, and why, our country continues to devolve away from the rule of law. So do I. There seems to be a sickness in the land, and recent reports are disturbing, to say the least. From the US president and members of congress to local elected officials, we see increasing reports of corruption, ethical violations, and deceit.

Governmental favors are given to those who supply enough money to election campaigns.

Illegal actions are pursued against those who hold a different viewpoint to those in power.

The insanity of gender dysphoria is promoted – indeed established – as ‘normal’ through fiat executive orders.

The will of the people regarding marriage is usurped by an unelected few.

Those who violate the law by entering this country illegally are rewarded with near citizen-like social benefits, and the list goes on.

What is the primary cause of all these issues? Where is the rule of law? It all comes down to one thing; people reject God.

There is an apparent and growing animosity toward those who believe the Word of God and want to see His principles retained in our government. Our federal and state governments were established first with an acknowledgement of God (the God of the Bible) and His providence in our lives. With that in mind, and with the nation overwhelming aware of the Bible and Biblical principles, our laws were crafted to reflect those principles.

The simple fact is that as people get further from the influence of Christ and Christianity, the further our nation will devolve into anarchy.

What we see today is nothing new. The prophet Habakkuk saw the same thing in his day, thousands of years ago! He couldn’t understand, just as many of us don’t either, why God allowed it to go on;

Hab 1:2-4

O Lord, how long shall I cry, and You will not hear? Even cry out to You, “Violence!,” and You will not save? Why do You show me iniquity, and cause me to see trouble? For plundering and violence are before me; there is strife, and contention arises.

Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.

The senseless and damaging actions of those in power frustrated Habakkuk. He saw the turmoil that their godless decisions created and was grieved by them. Because the wicked (those without God) surrounded the righteous (those who pursue God), perverse judgement proceeds. And, just like Habakkuk, we are grieved by the same things. We see the same results. We see that there is a falling away from the rule of law.

What is the answer? What can we do to stop this national free-fall into despotism and ruin?

The only thing that will make a lasting change is for God’s people to pray and act. We are called to be salt and light to those around us, leading others into a knowledge of Christ. Only a change of heart will accomplish a return to the rule of law!

Political activism, while very important, won’t bring the change we so desperately seek. It will take a revival of God’s Spirit through the people of God. It requires that the people of this nation return to the God Who founded this country. That is accomplished by the church doing what the church is supposed to do, which is lead others to Christ.

The answer to these problems is a singular one. It demands that we – the people – adapt and conform ourselves to HIS rule of law.


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