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I recently read an article about AG Lynch and the DOJ refusing to allow an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The reason given for this action; “not enough evidence”! Yes, Ms. Lynch really did say that seriously. In the excellent article, Ben Shapiro blows that falsehood away by a comparison of how far less evidence in the case of the Michael Brown shooting was enough cause for the DOJ to investigate the entire Ferguson PD! (see below)

I confess at this point I have grown cynical enough about the lying of both the Obama administration and the Clintons that finding out about this kind of ridiculous veiled deceit wasn’t a surprise. It was expected that some new fabrication would arise to cast the light away from the shady character of Hillary and Bill. But I must also confess this is part of a pattern which is becoming more than a little irritating to me.

It is irritating to see just how far these people are being allowed to go; how much she alone is being allowed to get away with simply because she has the prospect of becoming the first female POTUS. It is irritating to see lies piled up one upon another; and a subservient MSM providing cover for her. It was always infuriating to think what she and Obama did to get our Americans in Benghazi killed! That alone, it has always seemed to me, was enough to disqualify her for the presidency.

What has newly become more than irritating is the condescension and insulting boldness of the lies and
obfuscations. It is their attitude that the majority of America is either too stupid, too immoral, or too committed to socialism to care if they are being lied to! Conservatives are either stupid or immoral, or both in the view of the liberal-socialist elite, because they oppose liberal-socialist goals. Therefore, they deserve to be lied to. Other liberals who support them because they are dependent upon socialists for their goodies, are too committed to the cause to care about being lied to! Therefore, in their exalted wisdom, they are superior, morally better people who should, of course, lead the rest of us stupid, immoral, or committed people. How else will we in the ignorant masses understand the value of their wisdom and thus the fitness of their rule, unless they have a champion occupying the highest office in the land?

Of course, this is not the first time grievous lies have been told in Presidential campaigns. Historically these can be found in every election, some worse than others. What is very different today is just how much more visible the cases of bold and brass and damaging lies are now with the advent of social media. This but serves to increase the bold nature of a lie when it is said even challenging multiple eyewitnesses to the event, such as Gold Star family members of the fallen at Benghazi! When there is video evidence that Hillary’s false claims are indeed false, as is the case concerning Benghazi, how much bolder and condescending does the lie become to, well…everyone who knows about the lie? Pile those lies with the obvious fictions Hillary is engaged in now concerning her e-mails and personal server while Secretary of State. Fictions that simply cannot be denied as there is video evidence showing her most recent statements were fiction, period! All of this and more is becoming far more than irritating to me. It is becoming frightening.

It is frightening to think that the liberal-socialist ‘elite’ class may soon have a more fervent champion than the current White House occupant leading this country, as hard as that is to imagine. Certainly, she will be no friend to the unborn, nor of any disabled or elderly as they will become victims of further attempts at federal health care. She will be a strident foe of religious rights, except perhaps Muslims if only by default because of her immigration policy. She will do all of this believing, and hailed in that belief, that she is the entitled one, the first female president and heir to the royal Clinton legacy! Because of that, she will be unrestrained in the damage she can do, and feel completely right in doing it! She will not care if she has to lie and worse to achieve her feminist and socialist ends. After all, she’s gotten away with it before. Who would challenge her? Would not the first female POTUS act with the same impunity as the first ‘African-American’ one has, perhaps even more so? In fact, I would go so far as to say she wouldn’t even think it morally wrong to do so. That is what makes the prospect of a Clinton presidency a truly frightening one…at least to me.
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