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No. It can’t be. Slavery in America ended with The Emancipation Proclamation. Its demise was reconfirmed by a violent Civil War that cost Americans hundreds of thousands of lives lost and dreams shattered. Well. Not quite. Slavery is itching for a comeback. Not the old style slavery BLM has accused white people of privilege of reimposing on people of color. That slavery was about Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Reds taking turns oppressing one another at one time or another. That slavery was about Africans, Europeans, Jews, or Arabs oppressing or being oppressed. That slavery is over. It’s not reappearing. The remains of slavery Warren charges “privilege” has dug up remain in the grave. She and others’ subsequent demands for revenge, retribution, and reparations are equally outdated. None of us lived then. The actual individual slave owners who should supposedly pay reparations are dead and gone. The time has come and gone. Call it even. Get over it. Walk on by. Possess something. Build Something. Raise families. Vote.

Income redistribution for which Elizabeth Warren most ably and articulately advocates (no one explains it better,) or “sharing the wealth” as Joe the Plumber enticed President Obama to frame it, is the harbinger: the future embodiment of slavery in America. As already noted, it’s not a slavery of color or race. It’s a slavery with more lasting characteristics, the universal prohibitions shared by all past, present, and future forms of slavery: You will not cross the Jordan. You will not investigate the land. You will not possess the land. Slavery is a master’s denial of land and treasure to his dependents. You can bet Warren owns something, claims she has a right to protest and free speech, and has treasure she calls her own. She is not enslaved by the wealthy. Nor by colorless people. Nor by any of her other supposed enemies of “privilege.” In fact, the case can be made she with her willing BLM and Occupy accomplices are themselves the enslavers, not we the colorless and “privileged.”

You will not cross the Jordan. You will not resist that which is politically correct. You will not so much as get your feet wet, because once you feel the flow and know its source you will be irreconcilably convinced nature directs powerful forces in one direction only, at cross purposes to those who would enslave you. You will give nothing of yourself to the will of the water’s flow, reserving all for the “common good.” You will not take the plunge to risk property or life for your own dreams. Nor will you experiment with your liberties by washing in the river that clears body, soul, and spirit. You will not go in over your head, out of view of your slave masters, lest you forget what your masters look like and forget your need for their meager handouts. You most certainly will not swim for your life, lest you reach the other side. Better you succumb to hopelessness and drift back to your enslavers who might relent and spare you your life.

You will not investigate the land. Lest you discover the real monsters and giants threatening Americans. Lest you discard as foolishness and lies Warren’s pretend monsters and giants: global warming, the carbon footprint, the disappearing ozone layer, rising seas, sexism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, religion, guns, and the really, really big elephant in the room: Income Inequality. Lest you discover the true monsters and giants in the land which are big government central planners, Obama’s phone and pen, excessive regulations, targeted and punitive taxation, Lynch’s Injustice Department, a decimated military, the war on fossil fuels, the impending Obama Democracy Spring, ISIS, open borders, BLM, the war on law enforcement, and the ever dwindling evidence of free market capitalism.

Lest you discover the land of promise overflows with milk and honey worthy of the Land of Promise. Lest you discover the fruit of the land is larger and more delicious than produce squeezed from the collective, “grudged” from the stingy fingers of the self-appointed caretakers of the “common good.” Lest you discover the treasures of America: Liberty for All. For government employees. For Christians and Jews regardless of their line of work. The treasures of small and limited government, especially applicable to the most powerful and influential among us. Of divided government, such that no President, judge, or bureaucrat can rise from among us as a monarch or king to reign over us.

You will not possess the land. To possess the land is automatically to own the treasure buried on the land. Warren claims possessing the land is no one’s right. Michael Moore has said the wealth of the people is a national treasure, not something for men individually to possess. That’s not all the treasure Warren intends to confiscate from us. The treasure she covets also includes the invisible, the intangible, and ultimately the most valuable. She wants to take ownership of the treasure of our own ideas. Our own families. Our children. Our means of subsistence. Our beliefs to hold and express, as we please, anywhere we please. She wants ownership of our aspirations to build. She would deny us of our volition to express pride in what we have built. Finally, she wants us to adopt her pursuit of happiness born or her Utopian Fanstasyland. Beware the hand me down happinesses of any and all impostors like Warren, who claim possession in our stead of the land promised to us by our fathers. No land, no treasure.

Readers, I recall someone once said to this effect, “Princes enslaved remain princes. Slaves freed remain slaves.” That’s not always the case, but it is likely such often enough to be the norm. Elizabeth Warren though born free regrets her liberty. In her state of regret for living among a free people she wills all Americans share in her misery. That’s the wealth she has to share. Want any? Critical of our ownership of the treasures of a free people, Warren prefers the very same government tasked with protecting our treasures, rid us of our treasures by taking our land. Her task? Dry up the Jordan. Her strategy? Distract Americans from an honest investigation of our Land of Promise. Attack all of value to Americans by audaciously claiming, “Those values are not American values.” Her Purpose? To sell a Ponzi scheme. To convince Americans to invest in the “common good, not in themselves and their’s.


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