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The Democrat leadership in Congress is currently working hard to finagle yet another government shutdown that they believe they’ll be able to blame on the GOP.

Sadly, they’re probably right. If you can remember back a few years when the GOP was the minority party in Congress and Obama was President, the GOP was blamed for shutting down the government when they refused to agree to the President’s massive increases in spending. Then a few years later when the GOP was in the majority and it was Obama refusing to sign their budget, it was again the GOP who was blamed for the shutdown. The simple truth is that the GOP can’t win because the media is in league with the Democrat Party.

Now, the GOP is offering the Democrats concession after concession in the hopes that they can avoid a shutdown and instead of negotiating in “good faith” the Democrat Party is rejecting every proposal in the hopes that the public will blame the GOP for the coming shutdown.

It’s so bad that the GOP has offered to spend $1 on Obamacare subsidies for every $1 the Democrats agree to give to the President’s border wall… and the Democrats still said no. It’s obvious that the GOP won’t be able to give enough to keep the democrats from shutting the government down.

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