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Washington Democrats are telling their fanatics to terrorize Republicans.  They say they are not telling their followers to commit acts of violence.  Bullsh*t!  Getting in someone’s face shouting at them IS violence!  Going to someone’s home to terrorize their children is violence!  It’s just one tiny step from there to throwing rocks at people’s houses and then at people, to throwing Molotov cocktails at their homes to set them on fire, to murdering them.  Democrats are escalating their desire to overthrow the government and establish a Democrat as dictator every day and it will not end just because of bloodshed.  Even with blood already on their hands they incite their fanatics to become more rabid.

Maxine Waters calls for violence against Republicans

Democrats like Maxine Waters (D-CA) deny they are advocating violence when they have been calling for their followers to conduct riots and assassinations for four years now.  Not so, you deluded liberals say?  How many police have Black Lives Matter members assassinated?  How many stores have been destroyed in their riots?  How many people have been harmed, seriously injured, and even murdered by leftist whackos?  Every mass shooting in the country has been committed by leftists!  How many Republicans have been terrorized by the leftist socialists of the Democrat Party?  Democrats say they have a right to protest in this manner because President Trump is “uncivil,” because they claim he advocates for the rich to steal from the poor, because he mocks them for their ignorant ideas.  Protesting is standing on a street corner with a sign, not attacking the opposition in public.

This is EXACTLY how Hitler demonized the Jews and attacked them in the streets; first by false accusations of Blood Libel, then by screaming in their faces, then publicly shaming them by declaring them to be rich thieves stealing from the German people.  He exhorted his followers to shout them down if they protested against him and terrorize them if they defended themselves against his depredations.  When the German government told the Nazis to stop they dressed up as Jews and burned down their own headquarters so as to blame them and thus justify their attacks.  Once Hitler was in power he took away their guns and ultimately marked them for death.

The Left’s “hope and change” has become hellions deranged.  Democrats are promoting tribalism in America.  The fools use the term themselves to describe Republicans but don’t understand what it means.  Tribalism isn’t Republicans banding together behind a great leader.  There is no Cult of Trump.  It is Democrats who are dividing the country by disparate ideological groups and banding them together in one big campaign of hate for America.  Democrats would bring back the segregation they had in pre-1960s to force Republicans to sit in the back alley of restaurants like they used to do blacks.  They delude their fanatics to believe that 21st century Democrats are the Republicans and liberals of old, and that good ol’ boy rednecks all joined the party of Lincoln.  Socialists have so thoroughly corrupted the media to indoctrinate these lies to make people believe that liberals today are lost in ignorance.  They are not liberals of old, but socialists in disguise.  What they know of Hitler is a false paradigm, not the truth of history.

The Delusional World of Liberalism

Hitler did exactly what Muhammad did in Mecca and Medina.  The Prophet wrote the book on how to exhort his followers to commit crimes against the Jews and any who stood against them.  When Muhammad’s tribal leaders threatened to kill him or be banished he went to Medina to raise an army to wage war on them.  Muhammad had his followers murder Jews and others who spoke against his using their city to recruit an army of terrorists.  Muhammad’s armies of brainwashed jihadi fanatics conquered in as aggressive a campaign as Hitler’s would be fourteen centuries later.  Socialist totalitarianism is nothing new nor is the fanaticism by which leftist’s followers commit crimes of conquest, rape, and murder.  The Nazis and Communists conducted their socialist wars of conquest and genocides in concert during the 20th century until they went at each other’s throats.  This is what will also become of atheist socialists and Islamo-Nazi jihadis once they have beaten down Christian capitalists.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Two-faced Democrats justify their hate crimes

Leftist Democrats say they have every right to attack Republicans because Republicans are “attacking the children of immigrants.”  Republicans are securing the border against being crossed by invaders attempting to avoid border checkpoints.  Democrats say Republicans are putting their children “in cages to terrorize them,” yet the only “cage” in these facilities are the same cages that were built by Obama to hold illegal border crossers for processing.  After they are processed in a few hours they are moved to a detention camp until their case is reviewed.  Democrats are lying about everything to do with invaders that they want allowed into America to vote them back into power.

They are lying about everything to do with immigration to poison America against a righteous president who is fulfilling his campaign promises.  75% of Americans believe in building a border wall, while only 20% believe in Obamaism’s catch and release free entry into America for anyone – including criminals.  Mexico is NOT America’s ally.  President Trump is driving the midterms on immigrant invaders committing crimes in the USA.  Taxes and the economy take second place because most people won’t see their tax savings until they do their taxes next year.  The economy is going great, but liberal media is focusing on the trade war to portray the economy as depressing.  A number of school shootings by leftists have been stopped by armed citizens, but liberal media is focusing on the phony Trump Russia collusion.  This cry to slander Republicans over illegal immigrant children is just another distraction to keep the public from learning how their Russian collusion lie is being destroyed and Spygate uncovered.

Obama’s Scandalous ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency’s Mother of All Scandals

Nothing in the Democrat media focuses on the truth.  They are purely the propaganda smoke screen for the Left.  Democrat crimes are why Republicans passed laws allowing people to carry concealed weapons by which to defend themselves.  Democrats who lack a moral compass say killing in self-defense is the same as murder.  People like these who lack a moral compass have no right to be political leaders and free people have no desire to give them that power.  They can only take that power by hook or by crook.  (The dictionary does not have the true meaning of this phrase.  By hook or by crook does not just mean ‘by any means necessary,’ or refer to some obscure thing.  It refers to the tactics of the Left to either dupe people into following them, hooking them like fish taking the bait, or to take it from them by force using the crook to snatch their liberty away.)  The bottom line is that the Left must not be bargained with, appeased, or submitted to, but must be defeated, or the nation will be enslaved.  Americans must defeat their propaganda by exposing their lies, overriding their censorship, and undoing their propaganda so that the truth rules in America.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”  – John Milton

Liberal Whackos Run Amok

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