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Shouting profanities and epithets at Republicans, leftist liberals call them Nazis and say they are “kidnapping children.”  The Blood Libel of Democrats is reaching a point where their liberal fascists are going to pick up guns and murder someone like the fanatic shooter at the GOP baseball game last year.  Democrat fanatics remain, like all socialists throughout history, the greatest danger to truth and freedom.  Leftists want America to become a socialist state like Venezuela because they believe America to be evil.  The majority of refugees coming to America are coming from Venezuela fleeing socialism.  Why do liberals think they are doing that if America is so evil and socialism is so good?  The real question is; what is wrong with their brains?

Liberal Whackos Run Amok

“To anger a conservative, tell him a lie.  To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” – Anonymous

Democrats are at war with the truth.  They shout “shame” at Republicans for obeying the law while they commit crimes against others through fascist violence.  They call ICE law enforcement agents “terrorists” while calling for liberals to terrorize the agent’s families.  And they battle with the law-abiding citizens of America to force invaders into their homes.  President Trump says Congress that makes law must resolve the problems.  Democrats in Congress refuse to do so declaring the President must.  Congress, not presidents, make law.  Obama made law from the Oval Office and every law he made was destructive, such as closing American coal mines, and Trump easily undid his laws with his own executive orders.

Democrats deny the truth and violate the law, and when they attack Republicans cry foul and claim to be the victims when Republicans fight back.  This is leftism throughout history.  All dictators, socialists, imperialists, and Muhammadans have always used this false pretense, as “acting in self-defense” against the self-defense counter-attacks of the truly righteous, to declare themselves righteous and “God is on their side.”  When atheists don the mantle of righteousness in the name of God you can bet the god to whom they pray is not the Father of Christ.

Democrat memes vs. the Truth

  • America is a nation of immigrants.
  • No, America is a nation of citizens.
  • America’s immigration laws are broken.
  • No, America’s immigration laws work, but Democrats refuse to apply them.
  • Children are held as criminals.
  • No, children of parents held as criminals are taken into federal care.
  • Democrats say detention centers are hell on earth.
  • No, these are the same centers that under Obama they called paradise.
  • Trump said immigrants are animals.
  • No, Trump said MS-13 murdering savages are animals.
  • Immigrants are good people.
  • Yes, but illegal border crossers are criminals who break the law.

Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

If they are such good people, then why do they break American law by avoiding border checkpoints and lying about being refugees?  If they are such good people, then why do they disobey the first court order they are given to return for a hearing?  97% of those immigrants Obama claimed he deported were released into the United States and disappeared rather than show up in court.  People who will not obey the first laws obey none.  They go into the interior and take jobs illegally.  They steal identities and not only don’t pay taxes, but some vote and they vote for Democrats illegally.  Democrats say there is “no proof” of this voter fraud as they deny voter ID laws by giving illegal invaders ID they can use for voter registration in their states.  Members of the Democrat media lie to their viewers saying there are no such thing as sanctuary cities and states and voter ID fraud, while Democrat mayors and governors are shouting this from the rooftops.

The lie of liberal Democrat leftists is that they are ones who are compassionate, care about people, and obey the law.  They delusionally believe they are doing the Will of God, when they are obviously not obeying any law, but the law of the jungle where might makes right and the strong preys the weak.  They think they can get in your face and shout and spit their venom with impunity.  Give them a raspberry back in their face and shout back for them to back off.  They don’t want police to do their jobs to stop them.  They want the righteous to be forced to use violence to fend them off, so they can claim self-defense.  Give them some spit in their faces and set them off first.  Liberals lie about anything and everything.

Democrats don’t care about these people.  Democrats are the party of slavery.  They are not bringing citizens to America.  They bring illegal cheap labor they can exploit.  They are creating illegal welfare voter slaves.  Democrats are not working for a better America.  They are working only for Democrats to have power over America.  They use phony names like “guest workers” and make phony memes like “illegals do jobs Americans won’t do” to justify their crime.  There is no reasoning with their irrational hate.  There is only the necessity of defeating them.

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – D.J. Koellhoffer

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