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Democrats are targeting us using doxing, intimidation, abuse, death threats, assault, violence, and even Ricin.  Our access to social media is being eradicated. Their goal is to force us to retreat and cower in our homes; incapable of communicating with each other; afraid to go out; and unable to practice our faith openly in the public square.

Watch this female chimp and her eunuch attack a defenseless old gentleman.  At what point did they cross the line?  Would you have just watched? Or done something? What?

Diane Feinstein waited 60 days, until the Hearings closed, to drop a bombshell accusation against Kavanaugh. None of the three women were able to corroborate their claims. Most likely, their salacious accusations were carefully crafted to sound credible; yet give zero details which would enable Kavanaugh to prove the events didn’t happen.  These allegations sounded credible because everyone knows many High School and College women do behave like tarts; drink to excess, sleep around and, of course, need abortions.

Kamala Harris is the most evil Democrat. She used a fourth completely anonymous letter; questioning Justice Kavanaugh about every salacious detail; implying he may have done something; knowing perfectly well he hadn’t done anything; and knowing he was a decent, honorable, devout, Catholic. To ensure she totally humiliated him and destroyed his reputation; she had her disgusting questions and the entire sleazy letter read into the public Congressional Record.

Why? Because Democrats knew Kavanaugh would not permit unrestricted abortions; the edifice on which Democrat power is built.

Why wouldn’t he?  Because despite the flowery language of “reproductive choice;” abortions unquestionably murder little babies – Watch Gosnell the movie.  Almost worse, they murder the spirit of the women who commit the abortions and put them under complete Democrat control.

Gangs like MS-13 recruit vulnerable young boys by ordering them to commit a murder. Then, the young boy is trapped and must perform whatever heinous act they order him to do.

Similarly, Democrats recruit vulnerable young girls in high school and college by encouraging unrestricted sex and offering them unrestricted abortions.  Women who commit abortions also cross a bridge of no return.  Henceforth, they will support Democrats at all costs; and justify what they have done by insisting abortion is moral and even holy!   But these women are full of a murderous rage, hating the individual man who abandoned them. The Democrats cleverly re-direct this rage at all men, particularly, all Christians.

Watch the female rage displayed against Kavanaugh.  Listen to the keening and screaming.  The Unhinged Mob of protesters chanting, trying to claw down the doors of the Supreme Court and annihilate Kavanaugh.  Democrats have become the Party of Screaming Women who have lost their souls and are screaming for abortions.

Asserting abortion is murder subjects a person to extreme violence by Abortion proponents.  Jordan Hunt roundhouse kicked a young, female pro-life supporter.  Another Lesbian beat up an Anti-Abortion protestor.

Dirty tricks are an integral part of the Democrat playbook. The Kavanaugh mobs were paid by Soros-backed foundations to imply there were massive numbers of enraged women.  Hillary’s Bob Creamer trained and paid protestors to disrupt Trump rallies and beat up elderly Trump supporters. Charlottesville was another Democrat trick used to blame Republicans for violence.  In Jan’17, Jason Kessler created “Unite the Right” and organized the Charlottesville protest. But just before Trump’s 2016 election, Kessler was an Obama supporter involved in the “Occupy” movement!

Inciting violence is now a major part of Democrat operations.   Maxine Waters ordered her supporters to “get in the face” of Trump’s cabinet and harass them anytime they stepped out of their homes.  Eric Holder threatened: “They go low and we kick them!”  Hillary insisted: “we can’t be civil to them.” Liberal leaders call for, and condone, violence against Trump supporters.  Their media actually claims mob violence is a form of First Amendment protest!!

As a result, Republican Senators were harassed: Various Republicans were chased out of restaurants by violent mobs – Sarah Huckabee, Ted Cruz and his wife, Sen Mitch McConnell, Stephen Miller, Pam Bondi, and Kirstjen Nielsen.

Sen Jeff Flake was imprisoned in an elevator by an activist illegal, Ana Maria Archila, (paid $150K/year by a Soros Foundation) and Maria Gallagher; both pretending they were victims of rape. Sen Susan Collins’ aides received death threats; she was blackmailed by a campaign raising $1M for her opponent, and she was sent a 3’ phallus threatening violent rape.

Senators were doxed and their lives threatened:  Rep Maxine Water’s Legislative Aide Kathleen Sengstock doxed Republican Senators. Jackson Cosko, a “fellow” paid by an outside (Soros linked?) organization, worked for Feinstein, Jackson Lee, and Maggie Hassan, and was arrested for doxing other Republicans.  As a result, GOP Senators and their wives received death threats on their personal phones and email accounts.    Mobs camped outside their homes. A man attacked Sen Rand Paul and broke 6 ribs.  Ricin was sent to the White House, the Pentagon and Sen Ted Cruz’s office.

The Democrat shock troops, well trained and masked Antifa, have taken to the streets:  Antifa rioted and set fires to prevent a Conservative speaking in Berkeley.  An Armed Antifa group called for the “slaughter” of President Trump.  On Oct 8th, Antifa took control of streets in Portland, menacing an elderly driver and damaging his car.   On Oct 12th, Antifa attacked the NY Headquarters of the Republican Party.  On Oct 14th, Antifa attacked a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland and burned our American flag.

133 Attacks on Trump Supporters prove a Civil War has already begun:  Here’s a partial list of Attacks On Trump Supporters. There have been  594 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters.

Christians are the Most Persecuted Group in the World   In 2016 alone, 90,000 Christians were killed. America’s Christians are fast becoming more and more like those in Europe – persecuted with arrests and jail if they try to speak to a conservative, or speak any Biblical truths, which are deemed “Hate Speech” against LGBT or Islamic groups.

Meantime, Major Social Media corporations act like a Mafia. Facebook has now blacklisted 800+ Conservative Grassroots Accounts being followed by >54 million people.    Google ‘admits they’re Moving Towards Censorship’  Christians will soon become like those in Communist China; unable to speak out.

What should the authorities do? Given the escalation of Democrat violence in the streets and even in the Capitol Building; we need to increase police presence to protect our Constitutional Right of Assembly and peaceful protest.  Then, provide them with some vital tools: the second anyone puts on a mask, s/he must be arrested; thugs who riot should be arrested, forced to pay high bail, fingerprinted and put in a federal database.

But what are you going to do?  Of course, you will pray to God for strength and courage in the face of attack.  But is there a line that a Democrat thug cannot cross? Or will you keep retreating, all the way back to your home? Must you wait until you are actually injured? What about a rule they cannot come closer than arms’ length; or else they have to take the risk that if the victim feels his life is in danger, he may use lethal force?

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