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When your most cherished freedoms are founded in corruption; aiding criminals, indulging in sexual perversion, slandering others as racist sexists, and killing babies in the womb, you are not a righteous person.

Libs don’t know jack sh*t about concentration camps, fascism, Nazis, or Hitler

When a liberal Democrat compares Republicans to Nazis and calls them fascists, those of us who know what these things truly are wonder in what world these delusional people live?  Just because liberals say a thing doesn’t make it true.  When they say border detention camps are like Nazi death camps, that ICE agents are “terrorists,” and that Trump is like Hitler, we must ask;

WTF is wrong with their brains?

Here is an abject lesson in ideological history and how leftist frauds use subterfuge to attain power: How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Democrats go full psychotic over SCOTUS

Democrats say that with Trump’s Supreme Court pick “you can say goodbye to clean air and water” and the Constitution, which is a hoot coming from the party that has been trashing the Constitution and burning the American flag.  But yes, it’s true – us Republicans have been spooning dirt into our water because it’s too clean.  Seriously, they actually believe this!

Another Democrat liberal whacko says;

“It’s time for Democrats to throw down.  What I mean by that is that we’ve been playing by the rule book and Donald Trump and Republicans have been playing by street rules and we need to play by street rules.”

These delusional people believe they have been acting righteously, civilly, and lawfully.  Democrats have been kicking Republicans out of restaurants, spitting in their food, calling for them to be raped, rioting in the streets, murdering cops, and mass murdering innocent people, while Trump has done no more than to call them names.  Not only do they think that makes Trump the son of Satan, they actually think they have been behaving as reasonable human beings.  If history has taught us anything it is that ignorant barbarians do not understand how to behave in civilized society, and they think when they act savagely that it is perfectly normal.  As these barbarians believe they should no longer behave in a “civilized” manner one must wonder, what do they propose to do?

Leftist liars like Michelle Obama have said, “When they go low, we go high.”  President Trump is the first Republican president since Reagan to understand that when you get into a fight you sometimes have to wrestle in the mud with leftists.  Most Republicans are afraid to go low and that’s why Democrats so easily cut their legs out from under them.  Donald Trump understands that you can’t win a fight without getting dirty and he has proven he will fight fire with fire and win!  But when liberals go high what does that mean when they start from the sewers?  The gutter is still below ground level.  Leftists truly do not realize just how lowly they are.  When their concept of public protest begins with utter contempt for the law and violence against Republicans there isn’t anywhere to go for them to rise above their nature.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

The ignorance of liberals is profound.  They think America is a democracy that should vote to become a totalitarian socialist state.  The reason America is a republic is because democracies always fail.  America began with only those who paid taxes being qualified to vote because when those who don’t pay taxes vote they always elect to receive more benefits for themselves from taxpayer money.  People are easily duped, and Republicans were duped in the past to give the vote to everyone regardless of their qualifications.  America has paid the price for this error in judgement that allowed Democrats to gain great power by which to punish this nation for taking away their slaves.

Any way you describe this, as mean-spirited, petty, bigoted, mentally retarded, irrational, dysfunctional, delusional, hateful, dastardly, or even as pure evil, all seem inadequate.  The Left is inciting liberal dupes to acts of hatred, cowardice, and irrationality by inflaming their false sense of justice.  Social justice is simply another way of saying authoritarian rule.  It just sounds better because they make it sound like it is fair and righteous, but there is nothing fair or righteous about the Left.

Judge Jeanine on Hannity liberals go berserk over SCOTUS 6/29 min 26:20

When liberals prove to be so lowly they are openly spitting in the food of Republicans, mocking and demonizing them, working to silence them from advancing just causes, and then declaring themselves to be wearing the mantle of righteousness, you know you are dealing with people who are two-faced, irrational, and out of touch with reality.  They would rather see America burn than for Christians to rebuild this nation to its former prosperity.  There is a sickness in America and it comes from those who have been indoctrinating ignorant youths into socialist fantasies.  America desperately needs not just the example of Trump making America great again, but an education in the realities of the world of socialist hate.  President Trump has ingeniously been forcing their hand to expose their true nature.  Now it is up to their voters to open their eyes, ears, and minds to the reality of what they support when they vote Democrat.  They are voting against their own homeland, if they were born here, and endorsing both criminals and foreign agents to have power over them, while it is Republicans who vote for law and order.

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