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Republicans made Hitler comparisons of Obama for eight years as he instituted his socialist policies through a dictatorship from the Oval Office.  He orchestrated America’s decline and demonized Republican patriots of the TEA Party.  Now it is Democrats who are making the Hitler and KKK comparisons of Republicans as being racists against illegal invaders.  Theirs is the typical false premise of the Left.  Just because Republicans moved south to escape Democrat’s corrupt unions, ignorant liberals are fooled into believing good ol’ boy rednecks joined the party of Lincoln.  As if!

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

The comparison by Democrats of illegal invaders to German Jews of the Holocaust is equally astounding.  The Jews were not trying to get into Germany.  They already lived there.  They, like South Americans, are not a different race, but a different culture.  It was the Nazis who were trying to get them out, and they elected to do so through imprisonment and genocide.  That describes the Democrats who want to get rid of conservative Christian Republicans, not Republicans who want to keep illegal invaders from getting in.

Throughout American history it has always been leftists of the Democrat Party who advocate for the ideology of totalitarian socialist control.

  • It was Democrats who wanted to remain a British colony under the king of England and fought on his side against their fellow colonists who wanted liberty from the king’s excessive taxes.
  • It was Democrats who enslaved Africans and extorted northern states to keep them enslaved in the Constitution.
  • It was Democrats who advocated for a king having absolute government control.
  • It was Democrats who fought a war to keep their slaves.
  • It was Democrats who escalated taxes to confiscate wealth.
  • It was Democrats who corrupted unions to make them socialist groups.
  • It was Democrats who caused every economic downturn and collapse.
  • It was Democrats who venerated Hitler and Stalin in the 1930s.
  • It was Democrats who interred Japanese in WWII.
  • It was Democrats who killed JFK for being too much like Republicans.
  • It was Democrats who escalated and lost the Vietnam War.
  • It was Democrats who trashed the Nixon presidency.
  • It was Democrats who elected a peanut farmer to be socialist-in-chief.
  • It was Democrats who tried to assassinate Reagan.
  • It was Democrats who ballooned the National Debt.
  • It was Democrats who split the Republican vote through Perot.
  • It was Democrats who enabled North Korea to build nuclear weapons.
  • It was Democrats who permitted Osama bin Laden to devastate NY.
  • It was Democrats who assassinated the character of George W. Bush.
  • It was Democrats who nuked the economy in 2008 to defeat McCain.
  • It was Democrats who elected a Moslem socialist to manage America’s decline.
  • It was Democrats who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq.
  • It was Democrats who financed the Muslim Brotherhood to renew the Jihad.
  • It was Democrats who made American taxpayers generational debt slaves as they stole and squandered trillions of borrowed dollars.
  • It is Democrats who sponsor illegal invaders and criminals stealing across the border into the USA to take from citizens.
  • It is Democrats that allow and encourage illegals to vote over citizens.
  • It is Democrats who slander Trump with their hate speech every day
  • It is Democrats pushing a fraud in their attempt to stage a coup.
  • It is Democrats who demand taxpayers be debt slaves to support their slaves.

There is no benefit to the citizens of the U.S. to have an influx of cheap labor that doesn’t pay taxes but does use taxpayer benefits.  They don’t “do jobs Americans won’t do.”  They illegally take jobs unskilled young people would take and then make careers of them to be the Democrat’s permanent underclass.  They, like blacks on welfare, constitute the Democrats new slaves on the Democrat Plantation.  The purpose of importing this cheap labor and so-called refugees is to dilute and corrupt American culture to illegally give Democrats voter power they can’t get from educated citizens.

By comparison with Republicans:

  • It was Republicans who fought for liberty to establish the United States.
  • It was Republicans who fought a war to end slavery in America.
  • It was Republicans who kept taxes low to allow businesses to grow.
  • It was Republicans who are the only ones to balance the federal budget.
  • It was Republicans who led America’s armies to victory in wars.
  • It was Republicans who led America into the Space Age.
  • It is Republicans who stand against the dictators of the world.

Lying leftists say Trump spoke of violence and incivility, while they claim Obama was “dignified” and “civil.”  This was the man who told his fans to “get in their faces” and “if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.”  Yet they slander Trump as undignified and uncivil.  Trump told his followers to hit back against leftists who attacked them.  Leftists always claim to be the victims after they start a fight when the righteous hit back.  Republicans laud Trump because he, like all patriots says, take your liberal lies and shove them where the sun don’t shine!

Who are the Nazis in America?  Those who wave the American flag, stand for liberty, and fight socialist oppression, or those who burn that flag, tear up the Constitution, and embrace the same socialism that is the ideology of Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Imperialists, and Islamists?  What kind of American wants to have rulers like Venezuela who stole and squandered that nations wealth leaving its people destitute?  The answer is the kind of Americans who want to tear down America and transform it into their leftist socialist toilet.

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Liberal Whackos Run Amok

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