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Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Washington, D.C. Anton_Ivanov /

I voted for Trump.

I like his strength as a leader.

I am a Viet Nam DAV. I was very impressed with his view of helping the veterans until I read that he wants to touch Individual Unemployability compensation.  When he spoke about helping the vets I never expected to hear this.

I am 68, worked for CSRS and my social security is $144.00 month.  Cutting my IU would be $1500 a month.  I know that this is a gift to us veterans and as a human being there is feeling of loss which goes with this.

We have been conditioned for the expectation of a monthly payment. Then it’s severed to some degree and due to the conditioning, one feels abandoned.

I suppose this would be true of any arrangement the government would proposed for us veterans or any person in a similar situation.

They’ve spoiled us…..and I sure appreciate it.   Oh well, what can one do? C’est la vie…..

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