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Did I just wake up in a communist country?

One might think so, if they should be a Wilson County Tennessee homeowner. I am not speaking about the small cities located in Wilson County, I am speaking about the private property rights infringement that occurs outside the cities, the other areas in Wilson County, Tennessee.

Most cities have ordinances that the residence within that city are expected to abide by and consequently, most do. As it stands, where can a person move to in order to be free to live life without someone hounding him to death? That almost happened here in Greenhills, Tennessee.

But what happens when you live outside the cities in Wilson County, out in the county itself? Wilson County, Tennessee has a mirage of residents from all walks of life living there, as well as low to medium to high personal income. Most residents who live in Wilson County could live wherever they choose since most of the people living in there enjoy good employment, low taxes and the job market usually, very active.

Consequently, there are long-standing residents that reside in certain areas within Wilson County that are beginning to feel as though they made a mistake by buying a home and becoming a resident there. It seems that Wilson County authorities passed an ordinance that’s currently in place, that is extremely detrimental to the private property owners. This ordinance lowers property values and make prospective buyers think twice about buying a home in the county! After speaking with three or more homeowners, private property owners, I learned Wilson County proposes to regulate how the private property residents are allowed to utilize their private property! The county, along with its hired minions, are able to walk on to private property, inspect the private property and personal property, then make a determined opinion as to whether that property is serviceable or the status of this property, specifically, personally owned vehicles. The person making the determination has no expertise in mechanics, yet he decides whether or not, the vehicles are junk or collectibles. This person determines whether or not, you are operating a business or a junkyard. People…is this RIGHT? SHOULD A COUNTY EMPLOYEE HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER?? STAND UP AND SAY “NO!” IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK THE COUNTY, PEOPLE……TAXPAYERS!!!!!

Since when, in the United States of America, can a small time, small-town employee utilize his position to infringe upon the private property rights, private residences owned and lived in, in any county, Wilson County Tennessee, being no exception?

It seems the Wilson County Tennessee authorities have failed to read what the United States Constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights, state regarding private property, personal property upon that private property and the private property owners guaranteed rights under the Constitution, laid down by the framers, Hamilton, Webster, Jefferson, Adams, when the United States Constitution was written.

One would assume that the authorities in Wilson County would have educated themselves before passing any kind of control type ordinance that would hinder or “TAKE” away the rights of the private property owner and pose a hindrance to the private property owner’s right to utilize his property as he sees fit!

Private property owners it is time to stand up for your rights as a private property owner in Wilson County Tennessee!

It is time for the private property owner residents to stand up and tell the authorities in Wilson County to stop infringing upon your rights as a private property owner and resident of Wilson County! After all, for whom do these people work? Who pays their salary? The residence of Wilson County Tennessee is who these people work for, therefore, the private property owners in Wilson County need to stand up and tell these people to stand-down and stop harassing the homeowners, the taxpayers, for whom they work for!

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