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Planned Parenthood prepares a plan

I’ll say it simple as I can

This kid’s got brains

This kid’s got heart

This kid is good for body parts

Nice, France Muslim Terror Attack

The day in Nice was not so nice

Let Muslims in

You pay the price

The chance of France looks not so bon

Much more of this and they’ll be gone

Dallas Shooting 9

More dead cops are in the news

Dallas, Texas

Baton Rouge

But brave they were

And well they stood

Between the bad guys and the good

gay marriage church

God in heaven mocked by man

But still He does not raise His hand

Against the spell

Against the aura

Come from Sodom and Gomorrah

But He will


The hour is late the time grows short

Here is Kali in New York

Coming soon to your hometown

Unless Lord Jesus shuts her down


And physicists have lost their way

Putting Shiva on display

At CERN the gate to a new dimension

Pagan Science

A Bad Invention

I did not give him equal space

Because I cannot stand his face

And furthermore

To these old eyes

This is about

His proper size

media networks

You can see BS on CBS

And all but one of all the rest

And the dumbest words of tongue or pen

Are “I’ve been watching MSM”


Corruption is her middle name

She for Benghazi shares the blame

Some time back she turned her coat

To get the lies and treason vote

Donald Trump America

The Donald’s coming like a flame

He is the New World Order bane

He’s got’em worried

He’s got’em scared

He’s got’em apoplectic squared

So now’s the time for us to pray

Lord Jesus Save the USA



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