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Abortions are another Holocaust; except this time, Americans are the perpetrators: When Germans learned the horrors of the Holocaust, they claimed they had no idea that Hitler was killing millions. And we all cried out, “Never again!” When the remains of 132 children who had been sacrificed in pagan rituals in Peru were discovered, we were shocked. Yet, we ourselves have allowed over 63 million babies to be slaughtered in America. And many claim they had no idea what was going on!

We Americans think we are compassionate. Our Endangered Species Act provides protection for all kinds of species, with penalties and jail for disturbing even the eggs of Spotted Owls or Turtles. We protect Grouse, Eagles, Wolves, Bear, Fish, Delta Smelt, Butterflies, Foxes, Coyotes and even Alligators. We have “no kill” shelters for dogs and cats. But we won’t protect babies in the womb!

Democrats, and their ally Planned Parenthood have worked assiduously to prevent the public from finding out what they are doing. “It’s not a baby, just a lump of tissue” was the con they used.  But Abby Johnson proves that. even at 12 weeks, the baby is fully formed. “Pregnancy is a disease” they asserted, implying pregnancy must be “cured” by abortion. The liberals argued: if men can have sex with no consequences; to be fair, a woman too should have no consequences; hence they should be allowed to abort. They elevated Abortion to a sacrament and claimed an Abortion Clinic is a Sacred Place.   They marched screaming vulgarities and wearing pussy costumes and hats. “A Woman’s Right to Choose!!” was the slogan with which they “empowered” women! “Empowered” to do what? To glory in their power to kill their own defenseless little baby! Grizzly bears, birds, and all other animals routinely defend their young with their lives. But Leftists have converted the human female into the only animal on earth that would willingly kill her young.

But the public must also take responsibility for shutting their eyes. What did they think was happening to the babies being aborted? Given that so many states have legalized live birth abortions, we should recognize that we are losing the battle against abortion. And try other methods. First, we need to change our attitudes. Even devout Evangelicals are unclear where they stand. They state clearly that the doctor who performs the abortion commits murder. But they waffle when asked if the mother has also committed a murder! They rush to coddle the mother and focus on her future; as though the pregnancy happened without any voluntary act on her part.

We do nothing to prevent children from having sex. We need to recognize it is the hyper-sexualization of our culture that has given rise to rampant and indiscriminate sex and the need for abortions. And also realize that it is not only Hollywood, TV, videos and rap music; but also our schools; that is leading our children astray.

We legislate a minimum age before young people can drive cars or drink alcohol. Why don’t we demand our children not have sex before marriage?  Why do we accept sex between a boy and a girl as a sort of advanced dating; or even worse, allow kids to participate in the hook-up culture and have sex without even knowing each other? We know that young vulnerable children are profoundly psychologically damaged and suffer tremendous pain, humiliation, and loss of self-esteem when their immature young partners abandon them. Then comes the unwanted, but readily predictable, pregnancy and the arguments about abortion. Can anyone point out the benefits of young children having sex?

Schools have replaced the Parents in discussing sex: Schools actually promote sex to children even in kindergarten. Children are taught how to masturbate, the glories of anal sex, and now, transgenderism. 55,000 schools were allowing outside contractor EBSCO, to provide access to explicit porn. Only one school has removed this content.  Obviously, the schools are using sex as a means of titillating kids and trying to indoctrinate children into becoming sex workers to satisfy perverts.   But there’s a more sinister reason. Schools hide lessons on sex and transgenderism from parents.   And train the child to hide his guilty knowledge about sex from his/her parents. In so doing, the schools act exactly like a pack of hyenas; surrounding the young one, isolating it from its mother and its family; all the better to destroy it.

Schools do not have honest discussions about the negative consequence of having rampant sex & multiple abortions: Nobody discusses the psychological dangers of young people having sex and getting deeply emotionally involved when they aren’t ready to handle it. The child is slyly blamed for not using condoms properly; instead of being told that condoms do not work 40% of the time; and that therefore, they won’t stop AIDS. Nobody talks about the dangers of getting multiple STD’s and AIDs; and about the ABC syndrome, the Abortion-Breast Cancer link. Planned Parenthood (PP) blithely informs us that there are many STD’s, but not to worry, getting tested is quick and easy!! And makes no mention that 1 in 3 teenagers have STD’s or of the pain, the consequences or the costs involved in getting treatment!! In some schools, little girls are steered into having abortions without parents even knowing. 11 States have no parental notification requirement. The rest do require notification, but all permit an abortion without parental consent if a pro-abort Judge allows it.

The Fairfax County Board voted to instruct every high school student, without their parents’ knowledge or permission, about the daily homosexual sex pill PrEP, recommended for the ‘very high risk’ behavior of condom-less sex with multiple partners of unknown HIV status. But PrEP has a 10 percent failure rate. Furthermore, there is a new HIV subtype AE that is highly infectious and also drug resistant. Even your dentist, who presumably do not have oral, anal or vaginal sex with you, still wears double gloves because he could get AIDS from a cut, blood, saliva and other fluids from an infected patient. Why aren’t children told of these risks? Shouldn’t schools pay the costs for the PrEP pills they recommend? For HIV treatments which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? For the abortions? Given the vast number of unwanted pregnancies resulting in abortions; schools are clearly not competent to be teaching about sex. Why are we allowing them to continue? Why don’t we hold schools responsible for usurping the parents’ role; and for the deleterious consequences of their advocacy and indoctrination?

Surely, both sides could agree that something like Nexplanon or Depo Provera should be provided free to every unmarried female of child-bearing age who wants to have sex? We mandate vaccinations. Why can’t we mandate Nexplanon inserts? What about IUD’s? What about a law that mandates Depo Provera once a mother produces a drug-addicted baby? Nikolas Cruz was born severely addicted because his mother abused crack cocaine. He ended up killing 17 in Parkland. Can anyone point out the benefits of having a drug-addicted mother produce more than one child who has to go through the agony of neonatal abstinence syndrome withdrawal and a lifetime of suffering? Without talking past each other, why can’t both sides have an adult discussion about these issues?

But Democrats are hell-bent on promoting abortions at every point up to, and even after, birth. They have sunk to shocking new lows of immorality – like legalizing and celebrating infanticide. NY state started the trend. As World Net Daily said: “the so-called Reproductive Health Act permits abortion not only throughout all nine months up to the very moment of birth, and for any (or no) reason, but even after the baby is born – the dictionary definition of infanticide. Yet the hideous law itself was almost overshadowed by the ghoulish celebration that broke out following the Jan. 22 New York Senate vote. Cheering, applause, hugs and exuberant high fives, followed by the beyond-tasteless illumination in pink, to celebrate “women’s rights,” of the spire atop One World Trade Center commemorating the 9-11 attacks.” The abortionist/murderer does not need to be a licensed doctor. Any “medical professional” will do! The NY law also repealed the penalties for any abortionist who kills a woman during an abortion. Convicted abortionist/murderer Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility had not been inspected for over 17 years!! So much for the pious talk of “clean and safe facilities” and eliminating the need for coat hangers!!

Virginia followed soon thereafter. Kathy Tran, (D) introduced a bill to save caterpillars the same day she introduced a bill allowing babies being born to be killed. A Republican asked: could a mother request an abortion when she’s dilating and the baby is being born? Tran answered: “My bill would allow that, yes.” Virginia’s Governor Northam, a Pediatric Neurologist himself, explained clearly that the baby could be killed after birth: … if a mother is in labor, the infant would be delivered, kept comfortable, for a time, then resuscitated and then aborted after counseling with the mother…” Democrat-controlled states New Mexico, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, also rushed to legalize abortion at any time, for any reason. When Sen. Ben Sasse tried to get a Federal law passed, Senate Democrats blocked the “Infant Born Alive Act

Democrats see a huge political advantage in encouraging the mother to murder her baby. They use criminal gang techniques. A newcomer who wants to join a gang must first commit a murder. Then, he is forced to stay with his gang forever. Likewise, a woman who commits abortions is alienated from the nearly 70% of Americans who oppose abortions; and must cling even more closely to – and vote with – the Liberals who promote abortions. So, in essence, abortion is the perfect recruiting tool.  Women get sex without any consequences.  And they willingly “shout their abortion” and join Democrats!!

Another reason for wanting more abortions is pure racism. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted to exterminate blacks: “We want …to exterminate the Negro Population.” Planned Parenthood locates the majority of its centers in poor black neighborhoods. In New York, more black babies are aborted than are born alive!

Yet another reason for promoting Abortion is that Democrats get massive funding from Planned Parenthood: This is standard Liberal MO. First, Democrats strongly support something regular people oppose, like Abortion. Then, they take our money; give it to the organization, Planned Parenthood (PP); which then kicks back large contributions to Democrats. Sen. Patty Murray who prevented the Senate from stopping PP funding received $702K from the 3 big abortion groups. VA Gov. Northam, who defended killing a live baby, received $3 Million from abortion providers, including $2 million from PP.

Abortions are Big Business in two ways: (a) Income from the Abortions: Planned Parenthood gets more than half a billion dollars from the federal government alone; in addition to charging clients for abortions. Planned Parenthood’s principal business is abortions. Undercover videos show various PP Directors admitting that if a baby is born alive, it will be killed. PP does not even own Mammogram machines.   It has been caught on undercover video acknowledging it doesn’t offer prenatal care.

(2) Income from the Sale of Baby Body Parts exceeds even the profit from Performing Abortions: Planned Parenthood not only performs late-term abortions, but it sells the baby’s body parts. Sales increase PPs profits in two ways; it does not have to pay for disposal of the bodies and it gets paid for the parts. David Daleidon and the Center for Medical Progress made a series of videos which showed callous PP doctors bragging how they can deliver an intact head. PP and its allies, including Kamala Harris, claimed the videos were doctored. The “expert” providing “proof of doctoring” was Fusion GPS – the same Hillary group that created the fake Trump/Russia Collusion dossier!! They got PP ally Judge Orrick to issue an injunction against the disclosure of these videos and are still in litigation in California.

PP used an intermediary, Stem Express. It sold the baby’s “brain to one customer for $325; both of its eyes for $325 each ($650 total) to a second customer, a portion of its liver for $325 to a third customer; its thymus for $325 and another portion of liver to a fourth customer; and its lung for $325 to a fifth customer.” The House Investigative Panel found Stem Express generally marked up the baby parts by 400% to 600%.

They were making even more money off the taxpayers because Obama and his Liberals had arranged for the NIH to purchase the baby body parts and supply them for research. Even though President Trump has issued an order banning it, NIH Director Francis Collins is still supporting this practice. In fact, baby body parts have been infused into mice for shocking experimentation.

Why is Planned Parenthood not required to pay for the body parts they are selling? Liberals & the NIH claim it is quite normal to supply baby body parts for “research.” If a baby’s body is a commodity, why isn’t PP required to pay the mothers from whom they obtain the “parts”?

To start combatting these heinous acts, we must first face up to them: It is this failure to do so that has allowed 63 million babies to be killed. These babies are viable. They can be operated on and even have heart defects fixed. Inside his mother, a baby responds to music.   He even knows and responds to his mother’s voice.

There is absolutely no medical condition that requires a late-term abortion. The only reason to do these is to obtain large enough baby parts. If a baby is poisoned to death, his parts cannot be used for research and become worthless. Instead, it is drowned with saline. Dr. Anthony Levatino describes 2nd-trimester abortion. The doctor injects directly into the skull just when the body is coming out. Then, he uses a forceps and crushes the skull. Then, he uses different forceps with claws and tears out the limbs one by one. Even a first-trimester abortion involves a fully formed baby. Then, a helper stands by to reassemble the body; to make sure all the “parts” were properly removed. Then, they are separated into arms, legs, hearts, lungs, organs, head, etc; cleaned; bagged and put in a fridge until they are sold. Or else, passed through an industrial waste disposal.

If you feel sick reading this; please understand, I too am nauseated writing about it and visualizing the poor little baby trying to take his first breath; howling in pain as its skull is crushed and its limbs are being torn off; with no one listening or caring about the horror being inflicted on him.

Please God, we will work together and put a stop to this barbarity.

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