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Life in the United States is completely screwed up.

No one can say anything without getting in trouble.  Our first amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH has been destroyed by it’s true meaning by defaming our flag and our national anthem.

I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s. Bad language was prominent as today.  Men brag everyday to one another whether it’s true or not, it’s their bragging rights.  How many of you today haven’t said something sexist in your life or laughed at someone that did say something.  You know you have and to say you haven’t would be a lie.  Your all responsible, you just  won’t admit it, just like Bill Clinton.  He’s never done it and Hillary will make sure the people he has molested at some point will never prove Bill wrong.  She’s just as bad as he is by trying to cover up all his digressions.  She has ruined women’s lives forever.  HRC is totally evil and is not worthy of being our president.  She has covered up so many things she can’t keep track of them anymore.  She lies about lies and so on and so on.  So look at what you have had 11 years ago.  Your locker rooms weren’t any different.

Trump is still much better for president than any Democrat.


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