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YouTube has managed to become the center of controversy practically from the moment it became part of the Google empire. On the internet, we call that being an attention whore. Out of all the idiotic things the video platform has done under Susan Wojcicki today’s example strips YouTube and Google of any legitimacy they might try to claim.

TNN (The Trump News Network) has discovered that YouTube is actually creating phony accounts. Behold . Michael Davila Jr. has been making videos for 3 weeks and he has made a total of 6 videos. For his efforts, he has earned almost 70 thousand followers.

Anyone who has ever tried to start a YouTube channel knows dam well that no one makes 6 videos in 3 weeks and ends up with 70,000 followers. Almost every single comment on every video he makes are people claiming that they never signed up for the channel and demanded to know what his videos were on their alert list. Here are a few examples from just the latest video:

Did anyone else get notification from this video without even knowing who this idiot is?


what’s crazy is i never subscribed to this dude in the first place. Youtube is botted and i’m unsubbing


you just lost a subscriber
Why did i get this notification
No wonder he bought a channel. Ain’t no way he can grind anywhere near 678k with this content.
I didnt even subskribera to this clown
Did you buy someones channel? Like bruh idk who you are but im subbed
Can you give the channel back Roadhouse
Who else was subscribed without even knowing
z tube
If the videos hadn’t been so lame it is likely no one would have caught what was going on here but the videos were so bad that everyone could tell. It doesn’t seem likely that this is an isolated incident.
Not only is YouTube denying you access to videos due to whatever twisted standards they determine are viable, now they are trying to force you to watch and subscribe to channels they cherry pick or create themselves.
We started out with fake news and we ended up with a fake video uploading platform.

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