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We often hear Liberals talk about the “good old days” before everyone carried guns. News flash: In the early days of this country almost everyone carried guns  and the crime rates were much lower. I looked at various data sets and found that in the early 1800’s the death rate per 100,000 was between .3 and 1.

Today in Chicago the rate is 8.4 gun deaths per 100,000. What caused such a dramatic rise in murders? The honest citizens of Chicago aren‘t allowed to have guns.

Chicago and Detroit have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. And they have some of the highest rates of homicide in the nation. They also have Liberal Democrat governments that have passed ordinances that allow only criminals to have guns. Citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves.

In the “good old days” when most people openly carried guns they usually did so for protection from snakes and wild animals. There was little need for protection against two-legged animals. They had guns, but they knew everyone else did, too. Guns are great equalizers.

So to all my Liberal friends who want to repeal the Second Amendment, let me remind you that we wouldn’t have the Amendments you approve of – or even a Constitution – were it not for armed citizens. Cops would be consuming tea and crumpets instead of doughnuts and coffee. We would be a colony of Great Britain, with no ability to govern our own affairs. And we’d all be talking funny and driving on the wrong side of the road.


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