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Democrat media is maintaining a media blackout on Donald Trump.  They only broadcast Hillary and Obama and their smears of Trump and the Republicans.

In Gettysburg, PA last weekend, Donald Trump laid out his entire plan for his presidency.  But being new to politics and how propaganda works, Trump made his most important speech on a Saturday when most people are busy enjoying their weekend.  Then he made the ruinous mistake of including a side issue about the women whom Democrats have hired to smear him.  That became the issue on which the liberal media fixated to distract the people from the great message of hope and promise he had just delivered.  The liberal media are not broadcasting Trump’s contract with America, but are flooding the airwaves with tripe.

Trump’s Gettysburg Address

On the Democrat front, ObamaCare costs are skyrocketing and Obama is out laughing and saying he has nothing to do with ObamaCare cost increases.  This is EXACTLY what conservatives said would happen with ObamaCare as it was unleashed on the unwitting fools over time.  This is how it was designed to work and why Obama wanted to illegally delay the process of increasing costs so that they would happen after elections.  But now Obama is letting it happen and guess who’s trying to blame?  Rush Limbaugh and Republicans!  Democrats wouldn’t be so blatantly obvious in their lies if they weren’t certain that the election would fall in their laps no matter how the people felt going into the polls.

Obama says “I had nothing to do with ObamaCare costs”

Meanwhile, Hillary is continuing to wish she didn’t have to get out of bed for her tiny audiences of devout worshippers.  But the hopeful note for her is that the Democrat voter fraud machine is in full bloom.  Computers that are said to be “fraud proof” are proving to be rigged as Republicans are voting, but voting twice!  One vote is for their choice, but a second vote is being cast for Hillary!

How rigged are the elections?

In addition, Obama is giving the shaft to our veterans from California (the state that wants illegals to vote) who re-upped while America was at war to fight in Iraq.  They were given bonuses by Bush and the Republicans for re-enlisting when military forces were lacking in volunteers (because God knows liberals won’t fight for America).  And guess who he’s blaming for this?  Can you say Republican Congress scapegoat?

Pentagon demands return of cash bonuses paid to California soldiers

Donald Trump has proven to be more than a match for the establishment and they are responding by sabotaging the election in their favor.  Trump may not be the Savior, but he is the man who represents a chance to save America from D.C. corruption.  His plan is to stop the corruption of career politicians and special interest lobbyists who are working for themselves and against the best interests of the people only works if he wins.

Trump is like the 2nd Coming of Christ

America has a choice:

More of the same disaster of Obamaism to destroy the health insurance system so Democrats can institute single-payer with themselves as the banker, higher taxes, more foreigners, more Moslems, a weaker military, and more racist riots.


Change to try to drain the swamp of corruption from Washington.

Democrats have a death grip on the economy

Leftwing PSYOPS to destroy the righteous

[Author’s note: To my readers, my apology for the deluge of articles the past couple of weeks.  But with the election upon us and so much happening I felt it necessary to get as much information out there as possible so people know what is happening.  I know those who are dedicated Democrats will not listen.  But those who see what has been happening in America these past few years, and have taken notice that Trump represents the people’s stand against the corruption that has ruled Washington, need to be as informed as possible.  Hopefully, it is not too overwhelming.  This article sums up some of the highlights.]


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