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I have a simple request of both Presidential candidates to “Pledge” that as our next President they will hang a large copy of the Constitution on the wall in the Oval Office-White House!

This Saturday (SEPT 17 is Constitution day) and the birthday of this amazing document and our next President needs to celebrate that “glorious Liberty document” to educate and remind ALL Americans that this document is still alive and the foundation of our great Republic- the United States Of America.

I am looking for a Patriot a real patriotic American to “PLEDGE” that as our next President they will hang a copy of the Constitution in the Oval Office and to celebrate every SEPT 17 the birthday of this document and to have a re-enactment of the signing of the Constitution in the Rose garden.

My favorite political quote is from Thomas Jefferson who said “ACTION will define YOU” !

Let’s act to protect and honor our Constitution and I look forward to the Constitution-” Pledge” idea being discussed at a future Presidntial debate.

Q: Why is their NO copy of the Constituion hanging in the Oval Office is a great debate question to then be followed up with- will you if elected as our next President “PLEDGE” to hang a large copy of the Constitution in the Oval Office and to also celebrate its birthday every SEPT 17.

I am so ready to elect a Patriot-a strong leader to make America great again, restore our Constitution and restore our Republic!

YES WE CAN elect a PATRIOT as our next President in 2016…

Let’s restore our Republic and celebrate our Constitution and keep the fire of Liberty burning in America. Let’s hold our elected public officials accountable and demand they honor and respect our laws and Constitution every minute of every day as our next President-Commander In Chief!

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