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The curtain on the political stage is still up. Won’t go down til Nov. 8th. I can’t decide if I’m disgusted or entertained. But then, those of us that are deplorable probably don’t know the difference.

Dwight Eisenhower warned us of this day many, many years ago. And just three years later L.B.J. started the ball rolling. Pres. Clinton (Bill), picked up the ball and ran like the devil with it; (as controlled by his spouse). After all, he was just a poor ‘sole’ (adj.) that was totally dominated by his wife. The intrusion of George Bush, Jr. winning the election in 2000 interrupted the progression of the Progressives. But then along came Barack Obama, with the assistance of George Soros.

Well, you know the story; I have been shouting it for the past year or so.

Let us look at the events of the past several months. Starting with the Republican Party Candidates debates, one could almost tell this was going to be a year to remember.

We had quite a mix of candidates. A few old stalwarts, and a couple brash young new boys, a woman that should have been more aggressive publicly, and maybe even more aggressive in getting support, both financially and personally.  She had some good attributes to bring to the table.

Senators Cruz and Rubio, had some decent assets to bring to their campaign, but far too many liabilities. Cruz was not well seasoned enough to be politically correct, as witnessed by the many enemies he has amassed among his peers. Rubio is a typical politician in that he uses his position to his advantage on a certain level. He was, also, the favorite of the ‘establishment’, and that even pushed his ego more.

I think that now takes us to Donald Trump. Most of you know that I am not supporting Donald Trump, I don’t know the man well enough; what I do support is his business prowess, his negotiating attributes, and most of all, he is not a Politician.  I also admire his negative Political Correctness.  Especially since I support that myself. As I have said before, I think he will have the best people behind him; we just have to be sure they make him listen. Of course, George Bush Sr. did not listen to his advisors and look what happened to him.  His son, George Jr., did listen to his advisors, and that was a mistake for him.

But I do believe, when and if Trump gets in, he has the intelligence and the understanding that his is a serious and far reaching position. I believe he will listen to those advisors that are in place to advise him on each front. I can only recall my lessons of long ago; always surround yourself with those experts that you admire and trust.  Those that will honestly and sincerely put you on the right track.

As for Hillary Clinton; while I did admire her when she was running against Barack Obama, and I was quite upset that she lost, I think she has passed her time.  Her baggage seems to get heavier every day.  And while her immediate health may not be a far reaching serious disability, she has not handled it properly.  Being afraid to influence negatively those who will be voting, she tried to cover up each little episode as it arose.  If only she had been truthful from the beginning, her actions wouldn’t be piling up on each other. She wouldn’t be stumbling over her words of explanation, and her guilty conscience would not be causing her to look more and more guilty every day.

She should have been up front with the American people.  Instead she resorted to low and cheap methods to beat her rival Bernie Sanders, and to control closely and tightly the speakers and electors at the Democratic Convention.

Since the end of that and the beginning of the National contest, she has used language and suggestions that are only indicative of a local political street fight. She, as a seasoned Politician, certainly should have known better. She has brought herself to the level that she accuses Trump of following. Wherein he has changed his demeanor to one of being more “Presidential”.

There is more to come in the weeks ahead. I am looking forward to it.



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