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Billionaire George Soros, the hero, and financier of almost every left-wing kook organization around the world has been engaged in undermining democratically elected governments for years. A committed socialist who likes to play god, he has a long history of using his wealth to push extreme ideas and wreaking the lives of others.

Elections in the United States has felt the sting of Soros with his financing political campaigns from Hillary Clinton to Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Using a multitude of corporations that he owns to funnels money into election campaigns trying to outspend an opponent, buying the elections. Lately, he has been focused on a lot of under the radar campaigns at the state level to seed potential candidates for higher office at a later date. Two of the state offices that have received his attention is that of the Governor and Attorney General. This will cause problems in the future with various states filing frivolous lawsuits to tie up the Federal Government such as what we now see with the states on the west coast.

In short, he is a real piece of work, as a teenager, in his native Hungary, he was a Nazi Collaborator. In 1998 in a 60 Minutes Interview with Steve Kroft, Soros admitted to working with the NAZIs as a teenager in Hungary. He was involved in the confiscation of Jewish Property and he considered that time of German occupation as the “Happiest Time of His Life.”  Soros is himself of Jewish heritage, born Gyorgy Schwartz into a non-practicing Jewish Family, who changed their name to Soros to blend in with the local population. During 1943-45 when Soros was involved with the NAZIs, over half a million Hungarian Jews were murdered, this piece of work betrayed his own people.

After World War 2 any refugee with a NAZI past was refused entry into the United States, those that managed to slip by and were discovered later have been extradited back to their home country. So why is an unrepentant Nazi Collaborator allowed to live here when former NAZI soldiers in their 90’s are still being kicked out of the U.S.?

A key point on Hungary, the country under Admiral Miklos Horthy and Hungarian Cross Arrow Party allied with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s was a signer of the anti-Soviet Tripartite Pact. Hungarian military units were part of Hitler’s Invasion into Soviet Russia in 1941, as the tides of war changed Hungary tried to negotiate with the Soviets in 1943. On learning of this, German Units took control of Hungary and remained in control until losing Hungary to the Soviets in February 1945, Hungary was not an occupied country like France.

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