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Imagine if after World War II voters had elected politicians who wore Nazi armbands, waved Nazi flags, and demanded to take the oath of office on Mein Kampf.  However, after 9/11, voters just elected two Muslim women to the U.S. Congress:  one wears the pro-sharia hijab, both have been photographed with the Palestinian flag, and both will demand to be sworn into office with the Koran.

The Muslim congresswomen are Ilhan Omar, currently a state legislator from Minnesota, and Rashida Tlaib from Michigan.  These women were elected because the lies, omissions, and distortions by the Fake News kept most voters comfortably ignorant about Islam, other than some curiosity about the 72 virgins, and the bi-polar belief that jihad was either for personal self-improvement or the genocide of non-Muslims.  For example, the Fake News ignored Omar’s apparently bigamous marriage to her brother (here,here, and here), and her troubling association with CAIR (here).  Additionally, the Fake News has been silent that both are rabidly anti-Israel (here,here, and here).

Voters need to wake up to the danger and evil of Islam by reading the Koran, which, according to Muslims, is the eternal, exact, final, and perfect words of the Islamic god.  Next voters need to read the hadith reports which provide a record of Muhammad’s actions, deeds, sayings, and teaching.  For Muslims, Muhammad is the “perfect role model to follow with no innovation” (prmtfwni).  Then voters need to read about Islamic law or sharia.  Last voters need to read articles and books by Robert Spencer and Raymond Ibrahim.

Voters will learn that Muslims are those who have surrendered to the will of the Islamic god. The will of the Islamic god was summarized by Muhammad (prmtfwni) when he said that the Islamic god orders Muslims to fight until non-Muslims testify that only the Islamic god has the right to be worshipped and that Muhammad (prmtfwni) is the Messenger of the Islamic god.  The bloody history of Islam has been a jihad to fulfill the will of the Islamic god by placing the world under Islamic domination!

It is time for voters to ask these Muslim congresswomen the questions ignored by the Fake News, starting with questions about women since Muhammad (prmtfwni) said that women were deficient in common sense and intelligence.  In fact, he compared them to domestic animals.  To prove that women were inferior to men he noted that it took the testimony of two women to equal the testimony of one man.  The superiority of men over women was also demonstrated by the fact that all the prophets were men.  Muhammad (prmtfwni) said that the best women are those who obey men and that men are “destroyed” if they obey women.  Thus, voters should ask, “Since women are stupid, should you be in political office?  Will your two votes only equal the vote of one congressman?  And, will Muslim men tell you how to vote?”

Next voters should ask, “Will the #MeToo movement take a beating from Muslim politicians?”  This is a reasonable question since Islam allows men to beat women.  There are often specifics, such as it is acceptable to beat “embolden,” “disobedient,” or “rebellious” women.  To prevent problems in defining terms such as “embolden” or “disobedient,” Muhammad (prmtfwni) told his son-in-law that a husband should not be asked why he beats his wife.  And, Muhammad (prmtfwni) hit at least one of his wives.  The reasoning is that since men are responsible for women, men must discipline women when they deviate.

Voters should also ask when they plan to introduce legislation legalizing child marriage and sex with children since Muhammad (prmtfwni) married a child when she was 6 and raped her when she was 9.

Next voters should ask if they will demand laws stating that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and that men are superior to women.  These are basic tenants of Islam.

Voters might also ask, “Will you propose that the concept of marital rape be eliminated?”  Within Islam, with few exceptions, wives are obligated to have sex with their husbands on demand.

Another question is, “When will you introduce laws legalizing the rape of non-Muslim females by Muslim males?”  Muslim males can legally rape their female slaves. A “slave” is a non-Muslim under the control of a Muslim male.  Thus, a non-Muslim female who is subdued by a Muslim man is under his control and thus his “slave.”

Voters should also ask, “Will you propose laws requiring female genital mutilation?”  It is mandated under Islam.  Non-Muslim women might want to ask, “Will the law be retroactive?”

Islam requires that women be covered in burka-like clothing.  Will the new law will read, “Burka required when outside his house?”

We might want to ask if Muslim politicians will demand that the penalty for theft become the amputation of the right hand, which is then hung around the thief’s neck.  And, when they will propose legalizing the murder of non-Muslims and apostates from Islam.  In Islam, the list of those who can be legally murdered also includes those who: revile the Islamic god or Muhammad (prmtfwni), deny the existence of the Islamic god, are sarcastic about the Islamic god, deny any verse in the Koran, or deny that the world should follow Islam.

Under Islamic law, there is no punishment for Muslim mothers or fathers who murder their children. “Why?”

There is no need to ask about homosexuality; it is a given that it will become a crime punishable by death.  However, we might want to ask about effeminate men and masculine women since the Islamic god “curses” them.  Does this mean the Islamic god swears at them or is it something worse?

Islam does not like most art or artists; nor does it approve of most music or musical instruments.  Thus, we could ask how Muslims plan to vote on funding proposals for organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts.

Islam does not allow tattooing and women are not allowed to remove facial hair.  Voters should ask if they will require that existing tattoos be removed and if illegally removed facial hair needs to be replaced with hair transplants.

Within Islam masturbation is forbidden, as is talking while making love; also, making love must be for a fruitful end and not for vain delight.  Make up your own questions here.

Voters might want to ask if there are any personal exemptions from participating in animal sacrifice.

It is not necessary to listen to the answers from the Muslim congresswomen since both Muhammad (prmtfwni) and the Islamic god approve of lying.

To distract from these questions and the real answers, the Fake News will claim that something is “taken out of context” or that Muslim politicians are “moderate Muslims.”  To eliminate the “taken out of context” claim all anyone needs to do is review the sources at the beginning of this article.  As for the “moderate” Muslim claim, would voters elect moderate Nazis, moderate members of the KKK, or moderate wife beaters to Congress?  For once and for all, according to Muhammad (prmtfwni) and the Islamic god, there are no moderate Muslims!

Our inalienable rights are supposed to be protected by those in Congress who make our laws.  However, because humans make the laws, they can also change the laws as we have seen in the rights for women, blacks, and non-heterosexuals, as well as the laws concerning slavery and abortion.  However, for Muslims, the Koran is perfect, final, and cannot be changed.  And, Muhammad’s disgusting behavior must be followed with no innovation.  Thus, with increasing Muslim representation in Congress, under the guise of diversity and religious freedom, there will be a gradual replacement of our existing laws with sharia.  In the First Amendment, the free exercise of religion would not be allowed, and there would be an established religion.  Freedom of speech and of the press would be gone.  Freedom of assembly would not be allowed, and it would be difficult to petition Muhammad (prmtfwni) or the Islamic god to change the perfect and eternal Koran.  The second amendment would only apply to Muslims, although non-Muslim males would have the right to wear short sleeve shirts.  In the Eighth Amendment, cutting off the hand, flogging, and stoning to death would be defined as humane and usual forms of punishment.  Since Islam allows slavery and Muhammed (prmtfwni) owned and traded slaves, the Thirteenth Amendment would have to go.  The Fourteenth Amendment would also have to go since under Islam there is not equal protection under the law.  And, for those who enjoy liquor, wine, and beer, the prohibition would be back.

If voters want to see our future under Islam, they need look no further than the voting behavior of Ilhan Omar.  She opposed a bill that would have stopped life insurance payments to the beneficiaries those who died while committing terrorist acts (here), and a bill designed to stop female genital mutilation (here and here).  And, in a rush to fulfill the will of the Islamic god, Democrats want to change a rule concerning wearing head coverings on the House floor so that Omar can wear a hijab(and here).  Before changing the law, shouldn’t Democrats at least understand the ridiculous origins of Muslim veiling?

Wake up America, and don’t bring about cultural and societal suicide, as Europe may have done, by voting for Muslims.

The author is finishing the second edition of Islam: The Enemy.

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