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I was going to write something profound and deep, today, about the situation in Orlando, FL., but I wanted to answer a talk radio host on the question of why I remain #NeverTrump.

I was listening to “The Mike Gallagher Show” whilst driving  around town running various errands.  He made big about all Donald Trump has been talking about since the terrorist attack in Orlando and then made the comment that #NeverTrumpers have been silent with no attacks on Trump since this happened.  He praised Trump and then asked the question of why people were still #NeverTrump.

I can’t speak for everyone, only myself, when I say that I am a #Never Trump person because, frankly, I do not trust him.  I know many people will yell and scream that if we don’t vote for Trump Hillary will win.  Actually, that’s not the way the system works.  Outraged folks out there need to remember that there are more than two parties in the American political system, and voters also have the write-in option.  So, in reality, Trump never gets my vote, but then again, neither does Hillary.  Lack of my vote just makes them both one vote short.

Now for my reasons for not trusting Trump.  With Hillary as President I know exactly what I am getting.  She is a liar, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-abortion, pro taxes, anti-successful, and anti-white male.  The best way to deal with her is to make sure the House and Senate is stalked wall-to-wall with Republicans to blunt anything she tries to do.

Trump on the other hand is a loose cannon.  He shoots from the hip and says any outrageous thing that comes to mind.  Take for example his idea to build a wall on the Southern border and make Mexico pay for it.  It’s not going to happen.  First, and I have first hand knowledge of this, we are talking government.  There is no way in Hades that Trump will get the approval to build the wall.  There are too many senators and congressmen who will throw up too many walls (pun intended) to his ideas.  Add to the fact that it takes government decades to do anything, the recipe becomes a disaster.  In that pot you need to include all the challenges and discrimination lawsuits that will be filed by the ACLU and LaRaza and now the soup is totally worthless.

Another example is what he is saying about the Orlando massacre.  Sure, he is the only person calling it what it is, a Muslim terrorist attack, but does he really believe that he can put a ban on Muslims or Muslim immigration?  Again, the ACLU and CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) would be yelling discrimination all the way to the Supreme Court, and, unfortunately, winning.  You can also include libtards and the Democratic party yelling islamophobia to that mixture.  The Democrats will put enough riders and amendments to any bill he purposes that will, essentially, make his bills worthless.

Donald Trump is simply trolling the social media and listening to the news to hear what people are saying.  And, like a good politician, he crafts his messages to reflect what he would do, just to score points with voters.  There is always a clear difference between what could be done and what can be done.  Unfortunately, as we found with Obama, once the election is over, then the real person comes out, sometimes with devastating results.


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