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Leading Democrats, major media writers and broadcasters, are looking forward to the November mid-term elections expecting to win up to 60 seats when they only need 24 to gain control of the House of Representatives. Then they will draft “Articles of Impeachment” claiming the President has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” per the Constitutional requirement.

Said “Articles of Impeachment” are then to be tried in the Senate and where there is a chance the Democrats could win the Senate too, or pick up several votes from faux Republicans warming seats on the right side of the chamber with hearts deeply in the left socialistic, government building part of the political spectrum, believe they can send the Trumps packing.

In an amazing display of ignorance they believe Mr. Trump’s removal from office puts Hillary in the Presidency because the election would be invalidated!  The Constitution would see it only as the removal of a President and require he be replaced by Vice President Pcnce!  Mr. Pence would be a far greater nightmare for them than Mr. Trump as he is a real conservative Evangelical who sings in church without a Hymnal, every Sunday morning, knowing it all “by heart.”  This reveals the depth of the Democrat intellect.  It would not fill a dog dish.

We see the Democrats chances as slim if the election were held today as all polls show Mr. Trump several points over the Democrats and only by polling over-represented Democrats in cities as polling is cheaper and quicker in them.  The only polling shop paying serious attention to statistical profiling practice is the Rasmussen organization.

In the Obama era we were polled in the Rasmussen system getting first a robo call for classification with regard to our voting class.  In their system we were classified “a reliable Republican conservative, old fart.”  We were only called when the system was assembling a panel needed some “reliable Republican conservative, old farts.”  This is the only way to do what is mistakenly called “scientific polling” as it is not experimental; it is elegant.  It queries panels carefully profiled to the population of the area in question down to the precinct!

At this time Mr. Trump is polling at 51% approval and at the same point in his Presidency Mr. Obama was at 47%.  For the last six months the “Nation going in the right direction or wrong direction” has been accelerating on the “Right Direction” side.  These are great underpinnings at this point, but even more important events are happening.

The James Comey ego trip, “A Higher Loyalty,” subtitle: “Truth Lies and Leadership” is dragged on both sides of Main street.  Jim forgot Democrats who hated him when he exonerated Hillary on July 5, 2016 in a way that was obvious, laced with lies, linguistics and excuses.  It offended everyone politically and/or intellectually.

To put the cherry on the Sundae he came out just before the polling, October 28, 2016, a few days before the election to announce the FBI was re-opening the Clinton inquiry!  The stupidity of this man you cannot expose in fiction and sell a book, much less a man.  Jim Comey is a DC zombie, but he does not know it and from here to November he will be the greatest weapon the Republicans will have.  They should arrange bookings for him, rent halls and stage “protests for Jim!”  All they need to do is send people to his meetings to applaud and tell him how wonderful he is.  May he be on MSNBC and CNN every day, and the evening news shows many times! He is literally political Ipecac syrup.

Meanwhile the economy improves and the people will know even if major media ignores it as we have the Internet to remind our people to look at their paychecks.  The Mueller investigation will end with some bizarre list of imaginary crimes all of which will be cast aside no later than Labor Day; even Halloween will do.  Might even be better as the sting will be fresh.
Robert Swan Mueller III botched the prosecution of the Hells Angels gang in San Francisco at the beginning of his “stellar career,” as claimed by the New York Times and the Washington Post, so badly all 18 of his indictments failed to deliver even one conviction that stuck.  The four successful prosecutions in the first round were all reversed on appeal to the US Supreme Court nine to nothing, which is the court telling the prosecutor, “Get lost!  Go drive a bus, or something…”

Bob went to Boston and focused on the post-9/11 roundup of thousands of Muslims subjecting them to arbitrary detention, beatings and humiliations which blew another batch of prosecutions.  His botching of the anthrax investigation by ignoring a solid lead and fingering an innocent man cost the government a legal settlement of $5.8 million for wrongful prosecution!  We just have to know this high-born, high-bred, Ivy League bomb will explode in a way reflecting badly on Democrats.

Liberals have long criticized America for being “…all about money.” If it is true we are not insulted as money is only a measure.  We better feed and clothe a higher percentage of our people than any nation on the planet and our goods are wanted world-wide, but kept from other people by high tariffs.

While we have made international trade mistakes in recent decades and let our markets flood with products made by slave, prisoner and repressed socialist people to the destruction of our manufacturing, Mr. Trump is righting those wrongs and this will become more obvious every day.

It will be the slow drip of solid progress with obvious undercutting of Democrats that have no new ideas or people and become obvious to the voting population and that is why the Democrats will lose in November.

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