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How much longer are we going to sit still for the nonsense in Washington D.C.? Every day we hear of the “evidence” against a political party, an individual politician, one of their staff, member of their family, etc. etc. etc., pertaining to possible criminal acts; and if there is a question of the legality, let’s get a Grand Jury to decide.

It is becoming more aggravating and stress-full to hear all this garbage and ridiculous stuff every day, and nothing being done about it.

Our Representatives in the Government seem to enjoy seeing themselves, or just their name, on the public airways. I guess that satisfies their Ego, and their hope to justify their position and salary. How condescending of them. They treat us as individual idiots; do they honestly feel that we can’t read between the lines? JUST DO YOUR JOB BOYS AND GIRLS!!!!!

I am quite aghast at the way Politicians (Democrat and Republican), are turning our needs, our security, and our wishes into Political footballs. They are aware of what is best for this Nation, what the people want.

And yet, they continue to manipulate others, and their own words; lie about situations and events, all just to get approval from certain factions and voting blocs to keep them in office. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. It is nothing but a slap in the face to each and every voting, tax-paying American.

On the meeting between Pres. Trump, and Senators Schumer and Pelosi, to discuss and debate the Border wall, I see it as such a farce.

In a brief press appearance after, Speaker Pelosi referenced the upcoming year of transparency of our Government… Excuse me????? You just finished an open, televised meeting with the President.

For the past two years, Liberal Democrats have been criticizing him for his constant tweeting, his rally’s and public appearances. How much did we see of the Presidents before him? Only when it was a good “PR” event did we see them. And they have always been “politically correct” in their words.

Look back on the voting records of Congress, when the votes are broken down by Party. You will be surprised, I assure you, to see the votes by the Democratic Party members as a bloc. What they have voted against is almost the exact opposite of what they say in public. The one blaring hypocrisy to me is their claim to support equality. They have voted AGAINST most bills that would have been advantageous to Blacks and Hispanics.

One other fact to make mention of: It is my understanding that the Democratic Party had a great deal of support for the KKK!

Pres. John F Kennedy was a very popular Democrat, strong on National Security, a strong supporter of the Civil Rights movement, and he would be rejected by the Democrats today, possibly for his Nationalism. He was respected and supported by all, regardless of Party. He was strong on exceptionalism for America.

Our current President is also very protective of this exceptionalism.

Our Government has become a narcissistic body, whose only goal is to maintain the status quo of many previous years; that being to maintain their high paying, benefit-stacked position of power and privilege.

I adamantly oppose the Liberal Socialistic movement of today. I pray God, please help us overcome this movement, and return to our Constitution and the Republic that our Founders and countless generations have fought, bled, and died for, that we may live in peace, in freedom, and incivility.


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