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A couple of weeks ago I was glancing over the Yahoo news page as I often do to gauge the opposition. One title caught my eye. I didn’t bother to read it as the oppositions pieces especially this one was so predictable I could have written it myself (it’s pretty simpleton stuff being Yahoo). The title of the article was something to do with the conservative bubble. It was going to claim we were creating a bubble (or safe space) with sources that are alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Their complaint, of course, is that we weren’t listening to the voice of reason namely them. How could they possibly save us from that orange man?

These internet social media giants which I like to refer to as “The Axis of Evil” sincerely believe that they can control the narrative and politics of the entire nation and probably most of the rest of the planet. They couldn’t be more mistaken.

Fear not patriots this problem with internet censorship is a temporary thing. Control always implodes among people who, whether true or not see themselves as free people. Where there is a void something will come along to fill it.

Yes, we on the conservative side are creating our own bubbles. As the Axis of Evil and the mainstream media continue to expose themselves more and more of us are seeking refuge among ourselves. We want to hear the voices of reason, logic and most of all reality. But a strange thing is only beginning to happen now that will grow exponentially as more conservatives seek these shelters of reality.

Do you see the leftists screaming in the streets? They have been doing this for several years now. Who are they screaming at the choir?

No, my friends, they are screaming at us. They are desperate for our attention. For some reason, they think that by screaming at us and trying to shame us they will get some of us to switch sides. Well if they can’t find us in the streets and can’t find us among The Axis of Evil where are they going to get the attention from us they so desperately need?

This is a no brainer and of course, they are and will continue to follow us. Screaming at each other gets old fast.

Whatever bull The Axis of Evil blabs in front of Congress is a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These morons have damaged their brands over leftist ideals and like all leftist ideas, it will implode on its own.

What company in its right mind alienates its own product?

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