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I have been accused, by family members, for being divisive and offensive in my comments / remarks against Barack Hussein Obama (BHO). These alleged “offensive comments” have resulted in family divisions between family members (to where non one speaks to anyone) – which, certainly was not my initial intention.

So… I began thinking: “What is a President?”

I consulted Webster’s: He informed me that a “president” was a “leader” that was “elected by a people, or group of people, to represent them.”

I then compared that to BHO’s legacy, and came away with the following:

  • BHO was NOT “elected” by the people, but, instead “won” by massive deceit, fraud, and manipulation of every law governing our once-great-country.
  • BHO is NOT “presidential” nor does he ACT “presidential.”
  • BHO does not observe the constitution, nor the laws upon which this country was created
  • BHO does not “support & defend” the US Constitution or any of its amendments.
  • BHO “makes war” upon the citizens who allegedly elected him to that high office, by constantly denying them the rights that are granted to them by Almighty God, the US Constitution, and the Amendments.
  • BHO mocks our God, our Bible, our beliefs, and the US Constitution.
  • BHO has funneled billions of US Tax Dollars into the coffers of those who hate us and who would do us harm
  • BHO, instead of seeking Godly council, has sought out, instead, the council of godless, uncircumcised Philistines
  • BHO has, instead of seeking the “God of OUR Fathers,” has, instead, sought out the god of the godless, uncircumcised Philistines – with whom he surrounds himself.
  • BHO, instead of seeking to strengthen America, has done everything in his power to undermine and destroy the very fabric of this country – by weakening the citizenry and strengthening our enemies.
  • The list could go on, and on . . . .

So . . . the argument is always made to me: “He still IS our ‘president!!'”

I would submit to you, after applying the above litmus test, to determine for yourself: “Is BHO now, or has he EVER been: ‘Our president?’

I*F this line of questioning be ‘Treasonous,’ then: Make the MOST of it!!


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