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One stupid person can be ignored . . in a group they are dangerous!

Those words certainly bring to mind the State of the Union audience on Feb. 5, 2019.
I don’t like a camera panning the audience for any event, but I found this to be very entertaining; especially when Bernie Sanders was highlighted as President Trump alluded to the United States ” … never being a Socialist Nation … “.

Nancy Pelosi was the most interesting, as she was behind the President’s podium and visible throughout most of the speech. Her nervous and phony smile was open to the World.

And then, of course, we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; another Millennial on the National scene trying in vain to save the World and our Nation from Mankind.
Her complaints have little validity, and her solutions are shallow, UN-researched and beyond comprehension in a common sense and reasonable format.          

In my opinion, she started as Bernie’s “puppet” and has gradually moved to a higher and more influential worldly sect, whose sole aim is to take down the USA. She is trying to play with the ‘big boys’, But sadly, she is still ensconced in her immature and unproven ideas. She will most likely follow the path of Hillary, wherein she will accept the tutelage of her supporters, and in her attempts to please them and her public following, will overreach her goals and stumble.      

The Liberal Democrats remind me of the “Brats” and “Bullies” in the playgrounds of Yore. They will do and say anything to advance their agenda and get their way. And when confronted, they lie. Of course, their lies, when heard, give way to the obvious hypocrisy of their mindset. Their views and solutions for the World problems are never substantiated in a reasonable and mature method.

In my opinion, the President put forth a strong and sensible message; one I feel we can follow and hold onto. He spoke of the strength of our Nation, the continued pursuit of the “American Dream” for all, and reliance on our Constitution, our Laws, and our faith in ourselves.

One particular message he has continually put forth, I believe we can all relate to and support; Our security lies in a strong Military, and our strength and courage, our determination to maintain our Freedom, Liberties and Rights, will see us through, and together we will persevere, and our Republic will survive.

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