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The presidential election of 2016 is unlike any other. This election is a war fought in the open at last. A war between the counterrevolutionary national political establishment and the American citizens that demand our revolution be respected and our Constitution followed by everyone in and out of government.

The United States has had many enemies in our brief history, but none more diabolical and pervasive as the enemy We the People face in 2016. We defeated imperial Britain twice in a span of forty years. The United States defeated the Barbary pirates, and we fought a war between the states that could have ended this grand experiment save for the Almighty’s intervention.

The bloody conflict of 1861-65 was misnamed the Civil War, but it was a conflict with two uniformed armies fighting a conventional European-style war. The battle currently underway for the past one hundred years is an actual civil war. There are no battle lines to draw, no logistical problems to work out, no armies to feed, and clothe. This is a very different kind of war; one that sets family members at odds, sets neighbor against neighbor, co-worker against co-worker.

Family gatherings, like Thanksgiving, used to be a time when we all expressed gratitude for the bounty we have enjoyed throughout the year. Now, it’s a War Between the States of Mind as liberals seek to educate their relatives on how wrong they are about everything.

A minority of leftwing extremists have largely succeeded in imposing their ideology on the majority of Americans. The Left has always despised the United States, and they have been tireless in their continuing efforts to transform us from the nation we once were, into the nation we are today. Any resistance to the transformation is labeled reactionary.

The Left is founded on hatred of religion, claiming they alone are defenders of reason and progress. There is no truth, they say. The end always justifies the means. Laws must be twisted to serve ideological aims, not justice. Every American institution has succumbed to the tyranny of the Left. From Hollywood to the Media, to publishing, music, sports, and the sciences, a tiny minority of Leftist ideologues succeeded in imposing their ideas on the country at large.

Today, merely suggesting it might not be a good thing to have men using restrooms and locker rooms reserved for women is considered an outrage, and the offending communicant must be remanded for reeducation and indoctrination.

Although the slow-motion coup against We the People began long before 1960, the coup-plotters’ momentum gained speed with the Supreme Court’s outlawing of prayer and Bible reading in public schools. What we see there today is a far cry from chewing gum, running in the halls, and the occasional fist fight after class. How did we go from those insignificant problems to rape and murder?

On November 15, 1963, President John F. Kennedy promised to use the remainder of his presidency to expose secret societies and their determination to foist global government on every human being on the planet. On November 22, 1963, the globalists struck back by using a patsy to assassinate our beloved president. Jackie Kennedy had only one thing to say before leaving Dallas that day. “They killed my husband.”

We the People have never before faced an enemy as twisted and evil as we engage with today. Christians should recognize this enemy and the war being fought to save our nation as founded. This is what spiritual warfare looks like in the natural realm. But, without a fundamental understanding of who we are as human beings, we will always succumb to the idea that might makes right and those with the gold make the rules. We fall silent before the people that tell us we’re a cosmic accident; that we evolved from rocks. We do not protest when such magical ideas are presented to everyone as science. Our silence allows our young to be indoctrinated into believing God does not exist, or even if He did, He used the rocks-to-mankind method to produce all life.

Children are taught they are not special. They are not anything more than useless eaters unless they serve some greater purpose like a-theism, reason, or progress. Since there is no truth, there is no right or wrong, there is no Biblical morality. There is only a hierarchy of needs to be met however one can meet them.

America, like every Christian ever to walk the earth, is flawed and fails to always live up to expectations. America, like Christians, have much in our histories we are not proud of. Yet, America, like Christians, have historically provided the human race with the one commodity in terribly short supply: hope.

Evil has always hated the United States because we are a nation founded by mostly evangelical Christians of various denominations. There were exceptions, of course, but those exceptions were the minority and served to prove the rule. Our Constitution, John Adams said, “Is written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Without a personal revival among the Christian people, without a renewed dedication to teaching Biblical principles and precepts, without surrendering to God, then Evil wins by default. When Sodom’s evil reached Jehovah’s nostrils, He set out to annihilate the cities of the plain. But, Abraham, the Jewish patriarch, was horrified because his nephew Lot’s family resided there. So Abraham haggled with the Almighty.

“Say, peradventure, there be fifty righteous. Will you destroy them along with the wicked?”

God said He would spare Sodom for the sake of those fifty.

Abraham bargained God down from fifty to ten, and God agreed He would spare Sodom for the sake of ten righteous. Yet, Jehovah blasted Sodom off the earth because there weren’t even ten righteous, and barely four escaped before the fire and brimstone descended.

There are not fifty righteous in America, but maybe fifty million righteous. If God intervenes in our nation’s affairs I must ask each of you. Will He allow us to be destroyed, or will He make America great again? If the latter, then every real Christian in this country must vote for Donald J. Trump. To allow Evil Incarnate to destroy this nation by turning us into a Third-world dictatorship like Venezuela, would be far worse than Lot’s compromise with Sodom.

Remember Joshua’s words, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Can we Christians do any less? Trump-Pence ’16.



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