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Over the last month or so I have found myself frustrated by an inability to articulate my thoughts on the sheer hypocrisy of those who are or who call themselves “Liberals, Progressives and/or PC ideologues.”

Today however I watched a 5 minute video (Clarion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali explaining how it is that Liberals, Progressives and PC ideologues are assisting Islamists in their planned destruction of the West and how in the name of their progressive-liberal ideology, they are oppressing ordinary decent Muslims who are trying to create a society in which Muslims can live in harmony with non-Muslims.

Our allegedly superior ‘Liberal’ societies are not actually as superior as most western people imagine. Western people tend to see the world through the lens of different western worldviews, the greatest of which are that the West is rich and highly educated (read ‘smart’). Having lived in China for 14 years I can tell you first hand that many a foreigner who comes to this country quickly finds that he/she is neither as rich or as smart as they thought, and that their worldview which is extremely self-centered and therefore opposed to the overall rights of society, doesn’t quite gel with the educated and sophisticated Chinese. (But that is a topic for another day.)

Over the last month I have come across a number of disturbing articles which demonstrate how what we think we know is just a media fabrication created to either foster an ideological agenda or otherwise to generate cash for someone.

You can sometimes read that multiculturalists support the wearing of the Islamic burkha and such people brand those opposed to the burkha as ‘Racists.’ Nevertheless even the Muslims – in particular ISIS – are having trouble with the burkha’s ability to bypass of security.

For the third time in a month, a veiled woman has shot dead Islamic State fighters in Mosul, causing concerns among the terrorist fighters. Veiled Woman Assassinates ISIS Jihadis at Checkpoint

If veiled women pose a security risk for ISIS, then how can veiled women not be considered a security risk in the west? Interestingly enough, in another Clarion Project video titled: UN Promotes Hijab for German Women an Ad campaign created by UNESCO and being run on German-state-funded TV is encouraging western women to create and wear hijab like clothing so as to blend in with their Muslim neighbors. Not so long ago a mayor of one German city instructed women to ‘cover up’ and keep at least three feet away from Muslim men. So much for women’s lib.

While on the topic of the way Muslim women dress, much has been made of the racist and anti-Muslim rhetoric surrounding the Burkini – the modest Muslim woman’s swimsuit.

After a recent outrage in relation to French Muslims being ordered off French beaches for wearing their Burkinis, it turns out, that one Australian TV crew, trying to drum up attention and thereby advertising cash, deliberately created a false controversy with sophisticated editing.

The Australian television crew brought with them Zeynab Alshelh, 23, a medical student from Sydney… the audience was shown French sunbathers telling Alshelh to leave and threatening to call the police.

“We were threatened by locals to leave the beach, and if we didn’t they were going to call the police,” Alshelh says on the Channel Seven video. “They weren’t happy with us being there, even though it was on the beach that the burkini ban was overturned, but the locals were not happy.”

Only they weren’t talking to Alshelh. They were talking to the cameraman and his crew. In France, it is illegal to photograph or film people without their permission. So, the reaction was not at Alselh in her burkini, but rather against the film crew, who were invading the privacy of the beachgoers and their children. (Burkini Scam Set Up by Australian TV Channel)

The problem for the average Joe Blow is that he actually can’t trust mainstream media, and therefore cannot know what he should or should not believe. On the one hand we are told that the average Muslim poses no threat to our societies, and on the other, that Terror Attacks Are Stopped Every Day in America and France – and – (being Irish as I am) on the other hand, Deradicalization programs are not working. (The inherent meaning being that Muslims in our country are being radicalized. Certainly a good reason to keep them out.)

Many people remain ignorant of the threat that Muslims pose in our countries and when someone like myself makes a statement like this, the rabid dogs start screaming for blood, BUT “Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and French Prime Minister Manuel Valls say security services halt attacks constantly… Terror attacks are being stopped “all of the time” unbeknownst to the public.”

In my own small corner of Australia, there have been at least three major terror threats halted by police, and citizens have not been informed.

Anyone who criticizes Muslim immigration sets a target on their back for the supposedly ‘non-discriminatory, tolerant, accepting, loving liberals.’ Actually they are a very angry and hate-filled lot. (I’m speaking of the sociopathic ideologues not the person who generally agrees with the principles espoused by certain organizations).

I remember after the Paris terror incident that the French President (I suppose to prove that ‘Muslim immigrants’ are not a problem) stated that only one of the terrorists was an immigrant but that the rest were born in France. I guess the irony escaped His Excellency!

The immigration debate is quite heated in Australia and I wrote about this a year ago at As a former cop I know that two different protest groups simply cannot find themselves being confronted by each other. Yet in Australia, the Reclaim Australia (anti-Islam) protestors have been filmed violently clashing with counter-protestors. The only problem is that it is not possible unless one or both groups disobey the law and seek out the other. Any report which identified the counter-protestors (those defenders of democracy) as the violent provocateurs would be pulled from the internet within 48 hours, but all articles portraying Reclaim Australia as a bunch of redneck, violent, angry racists remains to this day. We are being conned by mainstream media.

Recently in Australia there was a wonderful article titled This is what would happen if Australia halted immigration which really explained why we mustn’t stand against Muslim immigration. The problem was that the author misrepresented Australia’s need for immigration by appearing to imply that we could only find Muslim Immigrants. They were conning their readership. One has to be careful of how stories are put together. The piece was a ‘pro-Islam’ article.

Australia needs immigrants in order to keep growing. Granted! But as an analogy let’s look at a conservation issue. If we maintain that for nature to be balanced we must restore the predators that were once located in a particular area, the statement might sound reasonable. But introducing one hundred mountain lions onto sheep grazing land (sheep are not native to the area) is not going to achieve anything but death and destruction for the sheep and the mountain lions.

And herein lies the problem that Ayaan Hirsi Ali discussed in her video. Ideologues blindly following their particular brand of Marxism otherwise known as Communism, are not the bringers of order and balance but the creators of chaos and destruction.

Communist ideology does not allow freedom of expression or freedom of the press and despite the first amendment rights of Americans, liberals take every opportunity to shut down any who do not support their ideology – or rather – who oppose it. To quote Joseph J. MattiaNever has the First Amendment right of “Freedom of Press” been so abused and debased as it is today.”

Recently I published an article in which I talked about the women’s movement NOT supporting Muslim women in Saudi Arabia, and I recently watched a 1 min 26 sec video titled Sound the alarm on women’s rights abuses. Both the article and the video back up what Ayaan Hirsi Ali said in her video about the actions of the liberal/progressives preventing decent Muslim women from getting both a fair hearing and much needed support. These progressives by their ideological actions are enabling the oppression of Muslims. How much more so does it help the oppression of non-Muslims?

As I pointed out in my Sept 13th article Progressive Liberalism’s Second Class Citizens, feminists, far from helping their Muslim counterparts, are actively seeking confrontation with Israel, the only truly democratic country in the Middle East which supports all manner of human rights. Such is the nature of the Marxists that they generally hate Israel. As Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out in a recent video, whilst Israelis are happy to live with Muslims, the converse is not true.

When recently Jews were filmed in the US slaughtering chickens in ritual sacrifice, many people on my personal Facebook page took to calling the Jews barbaric, and yet when it was reported that Red rivers flow through Dhaka after rains and animal sacrifices nobody paid any attention.

Rivers of water and blood flowed through Dhaka after animal sacrifices mixed with rain in parts of the city. Striking pictures show people wading through ankle-deep blood–stained water in the Bangladeshi capital after thousands of animals were slaughtered for Eid al-Adha celebrations.

It seems that the Marxists, in the pursuit of their superior ideology, not only oppress Jews, not only oppress Muslims and not only oppress women, but they welcome an immigrant influx of deeply religious Muslims. And yet, religion is anathema to Marxism. Donald Trump claims that Hillary Clinton plans to bring in 620,000 refugees but according to all authorities in all countries, there is no effective way of distinguishing between those who seek a better life and those who seek to destroy their host country.

Whatever you may or may not believe, what is clear to any person with eyes to see and ears to hear, and to any person who has watched Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s video, the only way to effectively integrate Muslims into our Western non-Muslim societies, is to STOP aiding and abetting those who wish to destroy us, and START supporting those who seek to stop radical Islamic fundamentalism.

So I ask, ‘who is it that anti-Muslims actually hate?’ Is it the Muslims or the white ideological trash who want to destroy our culture and who are aiding and abetting terrorists?

I personally have Muslim family. I don’t hate Muslims. But what I do hate, is all those useful idiots whose constant refusal to support democracy is enabling totalitarianism – especially Islamic Fundamentalism.


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