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Gov. Kasich (R-OH) thinks President Trump is hurting the Republican ticket.  Democrats are saying they are energized by their hatred for Trump.  Both the leftist liberals and the NeverTrumper RINOs are out in the open being against the American agenda of Trump and for the swamp agenda of leftist elites.  McCain (R-AZ), Flake (R-AZ), Corker (R-TN), and numerous other Republican senators and representatives all express their desire to overthrow the man who is instituting the policies they always claimed they wanted, but now prove they work against.

Republican voters have been livid over GOP reps who stand with Democrats, who say they will cross the aisle and work with Democrats, and especially for those who pay lip service to conservatism and then work to promote liberalism.  Sessions and Kasich used to be glorified by Republicans as staunch conservatives.  Now what are they?  Donald Trump has achieved five great revelations in America;

  • That Democrats are the anti-America leftist fascists that have operated in stealth but are now out in the open.
  • That RINOs who work with Democrats have done so by making false promises to Republican voters and are now openly working against the Republican agenda that President Trump is instituting.
  • That the leftwing media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party promoting hate and hysteria through the Big Lies of the left.
  • That leftist deceivers and liberal dupes are willing to commit violence against any who will not stand with them.
  • That America prospers under Republican policies and suffers under Democrat policies.

Every candidate Trump endorsed won their primaries.  Every candidate that Democrat’s new socialist darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, endorsed lost!  The drive-by media is reporting a moral Democrat victory because they are reporting massive turnout.  Registered voters generally turnout 50% for presidential elections and 30% for midterms.  Republicans are reporting 40%, but the leftwing media are saying Democrats are reporting 90%+!  Some districts are reporting over 200% turnout for Democrats.  How is this possible?  Try massive Democrat voter fraud.  The most amusing part is – Democrats have a lower turnout than Republicans.  The media covers up this fact by saying most of the voting is in districts that are Republican controlled.

Democrats don’t need Russians to commit their voter fraud

De Blasio enlists felons to vote

California registering illegal invaders to vote

Democrats are enlisting criminals and foreign invaders to vote in order to destroy citizens.  They keep denying it claiming their actions are being misrepresented by Republicans.  But who is it that objects when it is suggested that ICE agents be posted at polls?  Democrats have fought against voter ID laws and stopping fraud by repeatedly claiming it never happens – then they slander Trump as working with Russians to commit presidential voter fraud.  Can you say two-faced liars?

Leftists are saying they expect a blue wave like 2006 to take control of Congress so they can impeach Trump and reverse all he has done.  Republicans should be expecting a red wave like 2002 to endorse the great works President Trump has achieved.  What kind of moron would want to go back to Obamaism’s stagnant economy and high taxes when they are thriving under Trumpism?  The kind of moron who believes democratic socialism is good and that Donald Trump is a racist.  Lincoln was right when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.”  Believing Trump and Republicans are racist based on what the party of slavery says is the pinnacle of gullibility.  How easily these people let others tell them what to think.

Liberal backwards logic: Some liberals think Trump wants to lose the midterms to “bolster his racist base” for 2020.  They apply the same logic to the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court saying that too much conservatism will make people turn leftward.  Democrats going leftward is what got Donald Trump elected!  If people wanted to continue going leftward, if they don’t want a booming economy and a nation that defends its citizens against criminals and foreign invaders, then they would have voted for Hillary.  No one ever says such stupid things when Democrats are running the show to suggest that too much leftism makes the country turn right.

The nation just got another taste of Democratism under Obama.  They got it under Clinton, Carter, and LBJ.  Each time the nation suffered, and Republicans were elected to correct what Democrats have wrecked.  The country only turns back to left when new, young, ignorant voters whose minds are poisoned against capitalism and filled with gumdrop dreams of socialism begin voting.  Democrats want the voting age to be lowered to 16 so they can get them even younger and dumber and more naïve.  The voting age needs to be raised to 25 when people are grown up, mature, and actually working for a living rather than living off their parents.  It should also only be for those who work for a living and pay taxes, not for those who sponge off the rest of us.  America needs an education in socialism that is sustained, not only when they stupidly elect Democrats steal their prosperity.  And our electoral system needs a complete reform to stop voter fraud and to stop parasites like criminals and foreigners and foolish children from voting to take from others.

Republicans are disgusted with the GOP not standing up with President Trump.  The party has a man leading them who stands for righteousness and America.  He is fighting fearlessly against the forces that lie constantly to poison people’s minds against America, Christianity, and white men.  I won’t donate to Republicans who have plenty of money on which to campaign because I don’t hear them giving full-throated support to Trump.  The man who is actually instituting the policies of Reaganism for which I have been voting for the last thirty years deserves Republican congressmen who work with him, not with Democrats.  The only way to achieve this is to get involved in the primaries and choose better Republicans.  The only way to ensure that Democrats don’t get back into power is to elect whatever Republican runs against them.  They GOP has my vote, but if they want my full support then they’d better stop working with aisle crossers like McCain and Flake.  Those who work toward liberal Democrat policies that have created the swamp need to be gotten rid of and replaced by those who get on board with the people who elected them.  If they continue to fool people the way Democrats have then shame on the voters of those states who choose democrat-lite because being half wrong is still being wrong.

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