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The views expressed by the author are strictly his and maybe his dog’s also. They were expressed before the author had enough coffee in him (not assuming his/hers/they gender)to be able to construct an intelligent sentence, something he has in common with LeBron James.

The Democrat Socialist Party (DSP) really doesn’t know how to do a great many things. Earlier this year, in January, they shut down the government for the weekend because they wanted to negotiate DACA which wasn’t due for discussion until March. Then they decided that the murdering thugs of the MS-13 and illegal aliens were the hope and prayer of the nation. Top that off with giving all of America the big middle finger in regards to tax relief, and you have a party that can’t shoot straight.

Except in one category: stealing elections. No party can steal an election as good as the DSP. Think back to the Minnesota Senate election in 2008 when Democrat Al Franken managed to grope his way from a 725 vote deficit to a 312 vote win over Republican Norm Coleman. At stake was the seat in the Senate that would give the Democrats a veto proof margin, 60 votes.  The election had all the elements of a good DSP steal. Felons were allowed to vote illegally, votes were lost, duplicate ballots were counted twice, and, of course, missing ballots that miraculously turned up.

Fast forward to Tuesday, August 7th, of this year. There was a special election held in Ohio for district 12 between Troy Balderson(R) and Danny O’Connor(D) to replace a Republican congressman who decided to move on to greener pastures. This is a state that Donald Trump won by over 8% in the 2016 Presidential election so the DSP and the lame stream media had to frame it as a bellwether sign of Trump’s popularity, meaning they were going to do what ever it took to make sure the Democrat won, even if it meant breaking election laws. I guess this is what happens when you run your entire election platform on the winning formula of Trump hatred and Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hatred and derangement will always win you elections, amirite, amirite?

At the end of the evening it looked like Balderson had eked out a narrow victory, but, wait, the next day, election officials miraculously “found” 588 ballots in a suburb of Columbus.  After they were counted, O’Connor picked up 190 extra votes to shave Balderson’s lead. Not enough to win, but when added with the fact that there still are 3,435 provisional ballots and 5,048 absentee ballots that still need to be counted and you can hear crowing from the DSP louder than Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Chalk up another steal from the home team.

This is not a new phenomena. I can vividly remember in my youth, in the early seventies, when I dated a girl who’s father worked in the office of Richard J. Daley, mayor of the city of Chicago, the Boss. I remember we went to one of the parties at the Democratic party headquarters in 1975 after another of Daley’s election wins. After he had a few drinks, her father confided in us how it was done. Step number one was Daley’s genius of the housing projects designated for minorities in the city. On election day buses pulled up in front of them and ward aldermans escorted blacks to several different polling places around the city. They were given a good lunch and a ride back when the day was over. As a back up, poll workers would routinely hold back some of the ballot boxes just in case the election got tight. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The stakes in this year’s midterm elections is high. If the House swings to the DSP everything Trump has worked for the past two years will be gone, and, yes, even he has a risk of being gone. The Democrat Party has no platform and is being split in two between moderates and the new socialist movement. In short, the only way from them to prevail is to steal as many seats as they can on November 6.

If the past is any dictator of events in the future, they sure damn will. Get ready for it!!!



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